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5 Trends Supply Chain Professionals Will Continue to Monitor

Learn more about the 5 trends supply chain professionals will continue to monitor as consumer demand grows and buying behaviors and attitudes continue to morph.

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Rise Above the Returns Tsunami

The 2022 Returns Tsunami has arrived. Discover how to leverage a returns strategy to unlock e-Commerce profitability.

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Video Case Study

Video Case Study: Vistar

Fortna helped Vistar leverage automation to increase efficiency, eliminate redundancy, increase capacity, and achieve the scale needed to deliver on service level goals by consolidating retail and eCommerce fulfillment into two new facilities.

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8 Steps to Optimize Returns

With an increase in order returns volume, retailers will need to implement efficient returns processing. Learn about eight steps toward optimizing returns for improved profitability.

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Coming to a DC Near You: Robotics and Automation

In this article, Natalie Bode of esrp interviews Diana Mueller of Fortna to explore the role robotics are playing in the warehousing industry today. Is the investment worth it?

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Case Study

Returns System Upgrade Sets Up Internetstores for Continued Growth

Fortna helped Internetstores design a returns processing solution that increased efficiency and flexibility, reduced costs by 30%, and reduced energy consumption. Items are quickly received and made available for resale with the help of ergonomic workstations and AGVs.

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Ship From Store: The Next Evolution of Omnichannel

In a growing trend, brick-and-mortar retailers have started leveraging in-store fulfillment for eCommerce orders, which can shorten shipping times and help increase capacity. Ship from store saw a dramatic rise in use in 2021 and continues to grow in 2022.

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Building Resilience in the Face of Supply Chain Disruptions

Andrew Breckenridge discusses how executives can engage in long-term planning to mitigate future risk, even as they address current challenges.

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An Intellectually Honest Approach to a DC Design

Resilient operations demand a rigorous and intellectually honest design approach. Consideration for incremental alternatives to ensure a business case backed by sound financials and flexible solutions are a must.

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Digital Transformation: A New Risk Assessment Perspective

In times of disruption, leaders must recalibrate the business. Digital transformation is key to unlocking resilience. But risk assessment has not kept pace with change and a new perspective on evaluating risk is needed.

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Labor Challenges, Trends and Practical Strategies

Distribution labor challenges continue with no signs of abating. Here are four strategies that companies are implementing to overcome today’s labor problems.

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Twelve Questions to Ask Before Deploying Ship from Store

Companies are turning to ship from store strategies to enable flexibility and resilience in response to disruption, as well as greater transportation speed and reliability for eCommerce. In the article, read about the benefits and considerations of ship from store.

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