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Building an Automation Business Case for 3PLs

With the demand for 3PLs growing and the labor market continuing to tighten, flexible automation, real-time data and innovation have become drivers for 3PL success.

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Sustainable Slotting Elevates Distribution Capabilities

A sustainable slotting strategy can offer continuous optimization for warehouse inventory and leads to faster order fulfillment, higher productivity and less product breakage.

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White paper: How to improve safety into your sorting center

This whitepaper gives guidance for a safe design and/or integration of material handling systems. It contains relevant information which shall be considered to design a material handling system in a safe manner.

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White paper: Maximum availability in the cross-belt sorter system

With the ability to detect failures before they happen, you can ensure a high level of system reliability and overall availability. The combination of developing the cross-belt sorter with high quality components and a simple yet intelligent system design can prevent failures and reduce maintenance expenses over the lifetime of the machine.

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InPerson Interview: Rob McKeel of FORTNA

FORTNA CEO, Rob McKeel, talks with DC Velocity and shares economic and supply chain insights with industry professionals.

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Environmental, Social and Governance in the Supply Chain: Driving Value

What makes Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) difficult for businesses to adopt is a clear line or understanding of when ROI will be achieved and how it will be measured. In this insight, we explore how an integrated ESG program can drive value and ROI in both the short and long term.

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Environmental, Social and Governance in the Supply Chain: Top Priorities and Best Practices

A company’s ongoing commitment to creating a positive impact on the environment, as well as social issues, has created a new lens in which companies are measured and perceived. ESG has become a key indicator for investors to evaluate a company’s health and overall attractiveness.

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Environmental, Social and Governance in the Supply Chain: Role and Responsibilities

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) has become a growing movement in the global business world over the past decade. Learn what is included in the 3 ESG pillars, why it is important and how the supply chain is on the front line of ESG.

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Case Study

Boston Scientific Optimizes Inventory with Fortna OptiSlot DC™ Software

Boston Scientific delivers lifesaving products - item placement within the DC is crucial to run operations safely and effectively; sustainable slotting can help.

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5 Trends Supply Chain Professionals Will Continue to Monitor

Learn more about the 5 trends supply chain professionals will continue to monitor as consumer demand grows and buying behaviors and attitudes continue to morph.

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Rise Above the Returns Tsunami

The 2022 Returns Tsunami has arrived. Discover how to leverage a returns strategy to unlock e-Commerce profitability.

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Video Case Study

Video Case Study: Vistar

FORTNA helped Vistar leverage automation to increase efficiency, eliminate redundancy, increase capacity, and achieve the scale needed to deliver on service level goals by consolidating retail and e-Commerce fulfillment into two new facilities.

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