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Life sciences and pharmaceutical distribution solutions 

Market regulations and customer demands are driving new business requirements for healthcare, medical device, pharmaceutical and life sciences distributors. Faced with the complexity of controlled inventory and multi-temperature storage, companies must also navigate increasing labor challenges that make it difficult to meet service and cost expectations predictably. FORTNA can help improve efficiency so leaders can meet performance goals with existing human and capital resources.

New challenges add complexity for life science distributors

In a complex distribution landscape, healthcare, hospital, pharmaceutical, medical supply and medical device distributors must navigate challenges that include:

  • Limited labor availability, rising costs, high turnover, increasing absenteeism and additional measures required to keep workers safe
  • New challengers, putting pressure on costs and service expectations and driving the need to enable and enhance omnichannel capabilities
  • Rigorous product safety and regulations, including track and trace requirements from the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)
  • Multi-temperature storage environments and cold chain/temperature-controlled transportation
  • Global mergers, acquisitions and market consolidation that continues to blur lines between sectors
FORTNA can help transform fulfillment operations to enable flexibility and address digital disruption and growth objectives.

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Improve distribution performance with the FORTNA operations assessment 

The FORTNA Operations Assessment helps companies to optimize distribution operations to meet current and future business needs and performance goals. The data-driven analysis and expert observation of people, processes, systems and assets will help enhance and support your fulfillment operations. The assessment will identify and evaluate solutions and technologies to improve performance, reduce dependence on labor and ensure business agility and resilience. 


Scientifically proven proprietary modeling tools and algorithms allow FORTNA to design for maximum efficiency and outcomes.

Holistic approach

FORTNA designs solutions with a holistic perspective, considering upstream/downstream impacts on the entire operation and network.

Best-fit technology

At FORTNA, we identify and select appropriate and best fit technologies to optimize the solution.

Calculate your potential labor savings with the FORTNA goods-to-person tool

Improve picking productivity with Goods-to-Person technologies.
Use our assessment tool to calculate potential labor savings with automation.

Calculate Potential Labor Savings

FORTNA applies a data science approach with an operator’s perspective to ensure innovative design and optimal material and information flow supported by a justifiable business case.

Client Success Case Study

Eliminate outsourcing costs and make distribution a core competency 

A global healthcare company needed to transform their distribution operations to handle considerable growth in their Pharma and Medical Device divisions. FORTNA helped them consolidate fulfillment for their business units and design-build three new DCs with requirements for serialization, security for controlled substances and temperature controls. In just 3 years, they eliminated costly 3PLs and offsite storage, significantly cutting costs and complexity.

FORTNA helped us reduce risk in this highly visible project.

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Client Success Case Study

Leverage existing assets with improved efficiency

A global leader in animal health care experiencing 15% year-over-year growth partnered with FORTNA to assess an existing distribution center that was nearing capacity with years left on its lease. The data-driven assessment identified a retrofit design solution that included mezzanines to add floor space and automation to improve productivity and cycle times.  The company reduced the need for off-site storage and was able to postpone the significant capital investment of a new DC for almost 10 years as the result of an operations assessment which helped them get more capacity and efficiency from their existing facility. 

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Software to power performance through tomorrow's challenges

Intelligent software is essential to optimizing supply chain operations for maximum efficiency, reliability and flexibility. We help you support real-time decision-making with dynamic data and intelligence.