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Warehouse operations assessment based on Optimization Science™

From quick wins to long term strategies, we help you identify and prioritize opportunities for continual improvement in your warehouse space. Address disruption and adjust to changing demands with warehouse operations assessments and recommendations based on analysis of your data and our own real-world operations experience.

Improve flexibility and efficiency of operations

Whether you are trying to stay ahead of digital disruption and labor challenges, meet aggressive growth objectives, evaluate new technologies or just identify opportunities for improvement in your warehouse space, FORTNA warehouse operations assessments help you:

  • Improve productivity, efficiency and quality control
  • Increase flexibility and enable digital capabilities
  • Optimize operations for continued growth


Assessment solutions

FORTNA offers different types of diagnostic warehouse assessments designed to quickly identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement. Our teams are staffed with people who have a deep passion for warehouse and distribution optimization and years of operator experience, so they understand the challenges and recommend pragmatic, implementable solutions to help you adjust to changing demands.


e-Commerce fulfillment assessment

FORTNA addresses the significant shift to e-Commerce, changing order profiles and increasing demands for quick and accurate order fulfillment. We analyze your data through our warehouse operations assessment and apply Optimization Science™ to improve processes, increase flexibility and decrease inefficiencies in existing facilities and across the network.

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Technology strategy assessment

After we conduct a warehouse operations assessment, FORTNA evaluates and identifies specific technologies to support digital capabilities, reduce dependence on labor and ensure business continuity. We start with a holistic review of your warehouse technologies and capabilities. We then leverage data science and broad experience across a wide array of suppliers to recommend best-fit technologies that achieve your operational and business goals and are financially supported with a solid business case.


Optimization assessment

Identify hidden opportunities for improvement in processes, labor, slotting, and technology with operational diagnostics. Proprietary tools like FORTNA DC modeler® quickly provide meaningful insights from your data so you get the fastest time to result, optimizing your facility for higher productivity and capacity.

Client Success Case Study

Reducing complexity and lowering costs

A global healthcare company wanted more control over distribution costs and capabilities. FORTNA helped this client develop a strategy to simplify their distribution network and bring 3PL work in-house.

The plan included merging fulfillment for their business units, upgrading systems and the design-build of three new DCs — all in just three years to address expiring leases.   The FORTNA solution has reduced inventory, lowered costs and expanded capabilities to handle the demands of their growing business.

Moving from assessment to
operations design

At FORTNA we don’t just recommend solutions, we help you execute them. Our Operations Design team is ready with a seamless hand-off when you are ready to begin implementing the recommendations in the roadmap of initiatives that comes out of the assessment.

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