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FORTNA customer service and call center

Ongoing service and support are paramount to maximizing up-time and ensuring operations run smoothly around the clock. Your operational issues require immediate attention and resolution. Rely on the FORTNA dedicated team of technical experts available 24/7/365 to identify root causes and respond to issues with proven solutions.

Reach us 24/7/365 for client support:


US/Canada: +1 888 367 8621

United Kingdom: +44 2038689399

South Africa: +27 105002422

Netherlands: +31 858880693

Mexico: +52 8150307312

Colombia: +57 15141470

Legacy MHS Global

US/Canada: +1 888 444 4647

Netherlands (formerly Van Riet): +31 306068132

Italy (formerly OCM): +39 0521 1590191

Holistic support for the entire solution starts with FORTNA

FORTNA Call Center is a single point of contact 24/7/365 to troubleshoot problems and resolve issues with any part of the FORTNA-installed solution, regardless of the source of the problem. Expert diagnosis and troubleshooting provided by dedicated and trained team members with access to your network, SOPs and communication protocols for faster resolution.

  • Live response by technical experts
  • Fastest response times in the industry
  • Holistic support for the entire solution

Dedicated team

Staffed by a dedicated team of highly trained team members, the FORTNA Call Center resolves 88% of support cases without the need for escalation to additional resources. Our experts have thorough knowledge of your systems and your operations. Customer support is their sole focus for this critical area of the business. We do not use bench or project team resources.

Fast response time

The FORTNA Call Center commits to responding to every case in 30 minutes or less (often less), even during peak. Calls are answered live by one of our dedicated team members, so you get the fastest time to resolution of your issue.


Remote response

FORTNA Call Center team members can resolve most cases in real-time via remote access, leveraging digital twin and video collaboration technologies. Team members proactively monitor severe weather events and help mitigate risk by ensuring back-ups and other failover systems are in place to get you back up and running quickly in the event of a natural disaster.

We've come to trust FORTNA and they are now our go-to group.

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Client Success Case Study

When a broken water main flooded a client’s data center, FORTNA was able to quickly build and deliver temporary servers and controllers to help maintain business continuity while cleanup and restoration efforts were performed.

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