The Fortna team designs and builds flexible and scalable solutions that accelerate structural change for eCom channels including a retrofit of an existing facility, micro-fulfillment solutions and fully automated distribution centers. Fortna can guide your organization through various approaches and best-fit technologies, evaluating multiple automation alternatives such as AutoStore. Now offered by Fortna, AutoStore is a premier order fulfilment solution that exponentially increases picking rates and accuracy and immediately expands storage capacity leveraging your current facility footprint.

AutoStore is the ultimate order-fulfillment solution. It combines the highest storage density of any goods-to-person solution, with a high throughput technology, making it a perfect fit for order fulfillment from large warehouses to small urban stores and backrooms.

The flexible, modular design allows you to configure the solution like building blocks in any shape, form or height you need. With 450 installations in 6 countries, AutoStore is the fastest, densest order fulfillment system in the world.

With an AutoStore solution empowered by Fortna you can:

  • Reduce storage footprint by 75% when compared to traditional aisle and shelf storage space.
  • Easily expand the system and grow your capacity without interrupting operations.
  • Enable business continuity by reducing labor requirements and allowing workers to maintain safe physical distancing.
  • Maximize cube utilization in odd-shaped and low ceiling environments.
  • Achieve unparalleled speed, accuracy and up-time for your operation.

The implementation process is fast too, enabling the shortest time from concept to solution so you start seeing results quickly.

Combined with intelligent and powerful FortnaWES™ software, AutoStore systems are a great fit for eCommerce and omnichannel operations across a variety of industries. Fortna can help with selection and implementation of the right technologies and provide 24/7 support for your total solution.

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