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Distribution operation assessments improve flexibility and efficiency

Are you trying to address digital disruption and labor challenges, meet aggressive growth objectives, evaluate new technologies or just identify opportunities for flexibility and efficiency improvement? FORTNA helps you identify, prioritize and implement pragmatic solutions to optimize your DC and network performance.

Performance improvement rooted in data science

Identify hidden opportunities for improvement in processes, labor, slotting and capacity with FORTNA Assessments. Proprietary tools like FORTNA DC modeler® quickly provide meaningful insights from your data so you get the fastest time to results.


e-Commerce fulfillment assessment

FORTNA addresses the significant shift to e-Commerce, changing order profiles and increasing demands for quick and accurate order fulfillment. FORTNA will analyze your data and apply Optimization Science™ to drive process improvement, increase flexibility and decrease inefficiencies in existing facilities and across the network.


Technology strategy assessment

FORTNA evaluates and identifies specific technologies to support digital capabilities, reduce dependence on labor and ensure business continuity. We start with a holistic review of your current technologies and capabilities. We then leverage data science and broad experience across a wide array of suppliers to recommend best-fit technologies that achieve your operational and business goals complete with a solid, financially-supported business case.


Systems assessment

FORTNA performs a holistic review of your capabilities from a business, operations, functional and technical view. We identify the gaps, the risks, and the costs of closing the gaps. We then collaborate with you to align on a budget and create a roadmap to help you achieve your goals.

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