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Optimize inventory and shipping accuracy with automated sortation

Sortation is essential for supply chain systems to run smoothly with the rise in labor shortages, SKU variability and e-Commerce distribution demands. FORTNA offers a broad range of conveyor and sortation solutions that can create a more responsive operation to effectively handle high volumes of cases or totes with speed, accuracy and high throughput.

FORTNA oversees all aspects of conveyor and sortation systems in-house, handling design, engineering, installation, fabrication, software and controls to bring together all elements of a complete, tightly integrated solution. This expertise optimizes product flow and makes the most of limited floor space and labor in greenfield and brownfield projects.

Technology for high, mid and low capacity

Whether you’re a small operation or a large distribution center, automating your sorting center empowers you to stay ahead of the curve, meet growing demand and exceed customer expectations.

Key factors that influence the choice of sortation technology include the volume of items to be sorted, the required speed and accuracy, and the understanding of the entire workflow to automate.

FORTNA has a broad range of technology for high, mid and low capacity sortation requirements to match your sortation process needs and support your business goals.

Gain a competitive advantage with best-fit solution

While technology serves as the foundation, an integrated automated solution that works in harmony with your processes is key to boosting your operations. The FORTNA Distribution Optimization Framework™ leverages your data and our proprietary processes, tools and algorithms to design and deliver the best-fit solutions.

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Sorting technology to keep pace
with market demand

From capacity needs to operational requirements, FORTNA offers a range of sorting technologies to improve your process and operation at every stage and function of your distribution network.


Video Case Study

FORTNA designed and implemented a new automated parcel operation for DPD in Bratislava, the largest Hub in the DPD network in Slovakia. Our proven and future-proof sorting solution allowed DPD to have higher parcel sorting capacity per hour, faster parcel handling time and higher warehouse staff productivity.

The new sorting solution shortened the time needed for parcel handling by 3 to 4 hours compared to their existing location and technology, offering better flexibility for unloading time windows. For their customers, it means a higher quality of delivery and later pickup times.

optimization-engine-warehouse-execution-system-fortna command-center-asrs

Powered by an intelligent warehouse execution system

FORTNA WES™ intelligent software optimizes the design and allows you to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for compounded gains in efficiency and insights. This unique software platform makes it possible to integrate solutions from virtually any type of equipment and swap out technologies without having to make expensive and time-consuming updates to your existing systems.


Proof of concept and business case justification

Complex projects sometimes require a proof of concept (POC) to validate functionality and justify the business case before investing significant capital expense for the broader solution. At FORTNA, business case is at the heart of everything we do. We will help you develop the business case, align stakeholders and obtain the Board-level support you need for your investments.

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