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Labour Challenges, Trends and Practical Strategies

Distribution labour challenges continue with no signs of abating. Here are four strategies that companies are implementing to overcome today’s labour problems.

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Digital Transformation: A New Risk Assessment Perspective

In times of disruption, leaders must recalibrate the business. Digital transformation is key to unlocking resilience. But risk assessment has not kept pace with change and a new perspective on evaluating risk is needed.

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Twelve Questions to Ask Before Deploying Ship from Store

Companies are turning to ship from store strategies to enable flexibility and resilience in response to disruption, as well as greater transportation speed and reliability for eCommerce. In the article, read about the benefits and considerations of ship from store.

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Investments in Resilience Require Shorter Planning Horizon

Shorter horizons for investments and a different ROI model are needed to enable an adaptive supply chain. Leaders need to be able to make investment decisions that allow them to pivot quickly.

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Seven Types of Warehouse Robots: Considerations for Leveraging Robots in the DC

In this article, we will describe seven types of warehouse robots and their benefits, use cases and challenges, providing a framework for how to think about leveraging robots in distribution operations.

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Before Pushing Micro-fulfilment, Consider These Four Things

Before pursuing a micro-fulfilment strategy, companies need to look at the bigger picture and consider four key areas including site selection, inventory, software and perishable goods.

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Shifting eCommerce Landscape Calls for New Look at Network Strategy

Business continuity and profitability depend on flexibility during disruption. Business leaders looking to create additional capacity for eCommerce volume should start by examining their existing network.

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Five Smart Ways to Ride the Surge of eCommerce Returns

Leading companies take a strategic approach to reverse logistics and evaluate how they handle returns with the same efficiency as outbound order fulfilment. Here are some of their approaches.

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Six Things to Consider Before Implementing Micro-fulfilment

Micro-fulfilment enables shorter order to delivery cycles, lower transportation cost and hyper-localised product offering, however there are a few things you’ll want to consider before implementing solutions.

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Scaling Your Network for eCommerce: A Data Driven Strategy

Fortna’s ProMatDX session provides a data-driven strategy for network roadmap planning that allows you to quickly explore and contrast different scenarios and identify alternatives while balancing cost, service and flexibility.

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eCommerce Shift Requires New Look at Network Strategy

Rapid acceleration of eCommerce growth requires review of the network strategy for opportunities to alleviate capacity constraints that impede business continuity or continued growth.

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Case Study

Fortna Improves Distribution Operations with AutoStore Solution

Transformation of a 3-shift, 7 days per week, round-the-clock operation, into an automated, highly efficient fulfilment engine to support eCommerce growth and new revenue streams for the business.

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Elevate Distribution Capabilities with the Power of the Fortna Framework

    Solutions for Today’s Challenges

    Fortna develops the optimal solution for your business challenges. Whether your business wrestles with eCommerce fulfilment and returns, omni-channel commerce, or the complexities of local micro-fulfilment, our solutions improve performance today while ensuring flexibility for the future.

      Best-Fit Technology Solutions

      Being supplier-agnostic allows us to identify and select technologies that uniquely meet your business requirements. The result is a comprehensive, flexible solution that delivers the promised business results.

        Software to Power Performance

        In addition to our FortnaWES™ offering, our supplier-agnostic approach allows us to identify and select additional technologies that uniquely meet your business requirements. The result is a comprehensive, flexible solution that delivers the promised business results.