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Central Hub/Last Mile Depot

The Center of Your Distribution Strategy

Central Hub/Last Mile Depot is a goods distribution model that serves as a central distribution node. This node acts as a logistics hub, optimizing a company’s transportation flow and minimizing distribution costs.

The Central Hub/Last Mile Depot model helps optimize distribution to reduce your shipping costs

By centralizing the storage and transportation of inventory in a central facility from which goods are distributed to multiple regional warehouses when required, the Central Hub/Last Mile Depot model optimizes truck loading and thus, transportation, as orders are consolidated and dispatched with routes optimized to decrease shipping costs.

  • Achieve faster delivery speeds and cost efficiencies
  • Save time and increase your bottom line
  • Enable two-day, one-day, and even same-day delivery
  • Provide a superior customer experience
  • Efficiently allocate staff and resources to meet increasing order volumes
  • Reduce emissions and achieve sustainability goals

Reduce last mile delivery challenges to improve performance and drive profitability

FORTNA’s central hub and last mile depot solutions allow companies to fast-track same-day deliveries by streamlining the final piece of your shipping and delivery process.

By arming your distribution operations with a central warehouse that’s used to catering various destinations – whether that’s customers, stores or other smaller warehouses – central hub and last mile depot solutions play an important part in supply chain strategy, helping you minimize your overall transportation costs.

Achieve unprecedented benefits from the Central Hub/Last Mile Depot model

By integrating the FORTNA Central Hub/Last Mile Depot model into your distribution operations, you can help your warehouse improve transportation productivity and simplify the shipping process, all while boosting your inventory traceability and achieving efficient inventory control.

The result: lower transportation costs and a superior delivery experience for customers.

Client Success Case Study

Meeting explosive e-Commerce growth with a highly-automated DC built for faster fulfillment

Sport Chek was experiencing explosive e-Commerce growth that the existing DC was not designed to support, hindering the ability to service customers efficiently. They used ship-from-store to fill orders, but that drove up fulfillment costs. They partnered with FORTNA to design and build a new highly automated DC that allowed them to merge distribution for their various brands, increase fulfillment capacity, reduce store replenishment times and reduce fulfillment costs.

The FORTNA difference optimizes transportation flow and minimizes distribution costs with our central hub and last mile depot solutions

It all starts with strategy

We take a holistic approach to distribution strategy, considering upstream/downstream impacts on an entire network of operations.

Design rooted in data science

Scientifically proven proprietary modeling tools and algorithms allow us to design for maximum efficiency and outcomes.


Best-fit solutions with unique technology selection

Our deep bench of experts selects appropriate and best-fit technologies that optimize your solution. The result is a comprehensive, flexible solution that delivers exemplary business results.

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