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Parcel distribution solutions

At FORTNA, our team of parcel experts boasts extensive industry experience and specialized expertise in managing projects of varying sizes and throughput requirements. Our tailored solutions cater to the needs of a diverse clientele ranging from regional service providers to large-scale global logistics corporations. 

Move more packages to more places, faster than ever 

With FORTNA’s cutting-edge designs, parcel handling systems can move seamlessly and reliably through sorters, scales and scanners, meeting the demands of even the most challenging workflows. We provide ongoing Lifecycle Performance Services to ensure maximum system longevity and sustained high performance, even during critical peak periods. 

We offer state-of-the-art technology and innovative strategies to customize automated systems with the necessary equipment, software and workflows to optimize site-specific requirements. Our parcel handling solutions have been meticulously designed to ensure optimal operational efficiency for a wide range of packaging materials including polybags, corrugated boxes and soft pack mailers.   

FORTNA can help transform fulfillment operations to enable flexibility and address digital disruption and growth objectives. 

Operational excellence for higher quality of service and customer retention

When operational pressure, from volatile volume to labor shortages, can affect profitability, today’s automated parcel solutions have the potential to create an impact. Efficiency is key to becoming more agile and competitive. Automation within inbound and outbound parcel operations can optimize distribution network performance, allowing:

  • Reduced cycle time and faster delivery
  • 100% traceability of parcels at every stage of shipping
  • Enhanced network management and control
  • Sustainable operations and increased working conditions
  • Controlled operating costs

Increase throughput and adapt to changing volumes

FORTNA provides comprehensive and unique sortation solutions designed to streamline your sortation process for optimized results with minimized operational costs.

  • Capacity: Automated parcel sorting solutions increase the throughput rate, allowing for faster parcel processing and meeting delivery deadlines.
  • Accuracy: Minimize errors and misrouted parcels with precision sorting technology, ensuring customer satisfaction and reducing costly re-shipments.
  • Scalability: Whether you’re a small operation or a large distribution center, our flexible and scalable solutions can be customized to match your parcel sorting needs and scale with your business.
  • Implementation: FORTNA’s solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, reducing implementation time and disruption to your operations.
  • Quality: Faster and more accurate sorting results in faster deliveries, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Optimize your delivery network for a seamless customer experience

It is essential to understand the interconnections and impact that each depot within a parcel delivery network has on the regional and major hubs upstream. The FORTNA Central Hub/Last Mile Depot approach ensures efficient and cost-effective delivery operations within the entire network, providing several benefits to your workflow and quality of service.

Central Hub/Last Mile Depot

Video Case Study

FORTNA designed and implemented a new automated parcel operation for DPD in Bratislava, the largest Hub in the DPD network in Slovakia. Our proven and future-proof sorting solution allowed DPD to have higher parcel sorting capacity per hour, faster parcel handling time and higher warehouse staff productivity.

The new sorting solution shortened the time needed for parcel handling by 3 to 4 hours compared to their existing location and technology, offering better flexibility for unloading time windows. For their customers, it means a higher quality of delivery and later pickup times.

FORTNA applies a data science approach with an operator’s perspective to ensure innovative design and optimal material and information flow supported by a justifiable business case. 


Scientifically proven proprietary modeling tools and algorithms allow FORTNA to design for maximum efficiency and outcomes.

Holistic approach

FORTNA designs solutions with a holistic perspective, considering upstream/downstream impacts on the entire operation and network.

Best-fit technology

At FORTNA, we identify and select appropriate and best fit technologies to optimize the solution.

Let FORTNA help you transform your distribution operations

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