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Changing Consumer Behaviors Driving Demand for Agility and New Fulfillment Models

The food and beverage industry continues to undergo fundamental shifts in operations. Enabling eCommerce and the handling of pieces, cases, layers, and pallets, while adapting to spikes in demand are key challenges for food and beverage distributors. Additional challenges include:

  • Shift to digital, resulting in new fulfillment models
  • Each, case, less than full, and mixed case pallet picking
  • Changing consumer tastes, driving SKU proliferation
  • Safety and product tracking regulations
  • Multi-temperature environments
  • Inventory replenishment of essential items

Labor challenges driving up costs, limiting availability and requiring additional measures to keep workers safe

Fortna can help transform fulfillment operations to enable flexibility and address digital disruption and growth objectives.

Representative Clients


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Fortna helped Vistar leverage automation to increase efficiency, eliminate redundancy, increase capacity, and achieve the scale needed to deliver on service level goals by consolidating retail and eCommerce fulfillment into two new facilities.

Read more about how this wholesaler’s new automated DC is raising the bar for candy and snack distribution at DC Velocity.


Fortna applies a data science approach with an operator’s perspective to ensure innovative design and optimal material and information flow supported by a justifiable business case.

    Client Success Case Study

    Adding Capabilities that Create Competitive Advantage

    A national wholesale food distributor wanted to grow its 3PL channel that offers temperature-sensitive food distribution to companies. Fortna is helping them design-build several automated DCs that will add capabilities that will drive competitive advantage in the market. With the new 3 DC network they will increase order volume by 5x, quadruple their SKU assortment, cut costs, and accelerate fulfillment.


    Scientifically proven proprietary modeling tools and algorithms allow Fortna to design for maximum efficiency and outcomes.

    Holistic Approach

    Fortna designs solutions with a holistic perspective, considering upstream/downstream impacts on the entire operation and network.

    Best-fit Technology

    At Fortna, we identify and select appropriate and best-fit equipment without bias toward any manufacturer.

    Let Fortna Help You Transform Your Distribution Operations

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      Under trying circumstances, Fortna delivered their project on time, under budget and most importantly, the savings exceeded the original estimate.

      VP Logistics

      North American Consumer Goods Company

      Elevate Distribution Capabilities with the Power of the Fortna Framework

        Solutions for Today’s Challenges

        Fortna develops the optimal solution for your business challenges. Whether your business wrestles with eCommerce fulfillment and returns, omni-channel commerce or the complexities of local micro-fulfillment, our solutions improve performance today while ensuring flexibility for the future.

          Best-Fit Technology Solutions

          Being supplier-agnostic allows us to identify and select technologies that uniquely meet your business requirements. The result is a comprehensive, flexible solution that delivers the promised business results.

            Software to Power Performance

            In addition to our FortnaWES™ offering, our supplier-agnostic approach allows us to identify and select additional technologies that uniquely meet your business requirements. The result is a comprehensive, flexible solution that delivers the promised business results.