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Warehouse lifecycle services power performance

FORTNA Lifecycle Performance Services and Support help you proactively monitor changes in your business and operations and maintain parts and systems for continued high performance, extending the beneficial life of your solution.

Propelling your business-critical operations

After Go-Live, the challenge is keeping operations running and in sync with changes in the business and technology. Whether or not FORTNA designed your facility, FORTNA Lifecycle Performance Services help you:

  • Reduce capital investment by extending the life of the DC
  • Increase productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Decrease downtime and quickly resolve issues

Extending the life of the DC

L.L.Bean partnered with FORTNA on a multi-step approach to transform their distribution operations for greater efficiency and improved costs. FORTNA helped the omnichannel retailer extend the life of its DC, combine channels under a single roof and optimize operations for increased speed and productivity.

Let us help you transform your distribution operations

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Intelligent software is essential to optimizing supply chain operations for maximum efficiency, reliability and flexibility. We help you support real-time decision-making with dynamic data and intelligence.