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Optimize Operations with OptiSlot DC™ Software

Warehouses can gain rapid ROI by optimizing operations with advanced slotting software. As a result, operations benefit from reduced labor expenses, controlled replenishment, reduction in partial order shipments and improved space utilization.

The Value of Fortna OptiSlot DC™

  • Advanced applied mathematics including combinatorial mathematical algorithms paired with a patented optimization process to yield optimal client solutions.
  • Proven software architecture improves performance and enhances precision and speed.
  • Precise analysis tools, color coding and built-in reslotting functionalities.
  • Multiple integration options with WMS, WES and WCS systems.
  • Minimal hardware requirements, easily adapted for sustainable slotting.

Fortna OptiSlot DC™ provides better slotting through advanced combinatorial mathematics

Optimizing Operations for Volume, Efficiency and Reliability

  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Critical Pick Paths
  • Enhanced Storage and Retrieval
  • Optimal Mixed Pallet Building
  • Reduction in Breakage

Finding the Right Balance

Optimized slotting strikes the right balance by assigning a pick location for each SKU based on unique product attributes, the physical characteristics of the distribution center, and the organization’s operational goals. Fortna OptiSlot DC™ can deliver a sustainable slotting solution that employs strategic putaway which reduces critical pick paths, creates efficient pallet building, all while reducing breakage, and meeting rising customer demands.

A tool that is sophisticated enough to solve your core problem

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