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Warehouse operator and staff training programs for competitive advantage

Diagnose readiness gaps and enhance talent development with technical skills assessments and tailored training plans to ensure safe and efficient working practices. Keep your staff up to speed on critical operating support and troubleshooting techniques to ensure your equipment is running at maximum efficiency.

Creating in-house experts at all levels

Our training programs help you shore-up and enhance the skill sets of your in-house team — from user/operators, to engineering, maintenance and leadership roles. We use a combination of workshops, web-based learning and hands-on exercises customized to the needs of your team.


Gap analysis

Transformational change hinges on the skills and training across all levels of an organization. Delays in reaching desired levels of performance can impact customer satisfaction, put growth at risk and result in poor financial performance.

FORTNA brings objectivity to assessing capabilities and readiness gaps. We then develop and implement a customized plan to close the margins and ensure everyone is prepared to succeed.


Performance-based culture

We train and coach your leaders on how to develop and nurture a performance-based culture. Our training is developed specifically to the needs of your team.

We help you develop sustainable incentive programs that align performance with the needs of the business. We help you hire and develop the best people for the job by identifying ideal candidate attributes and providing targeted selection interview guides to help you navigate the process.

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