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Optimize e-Commerce fulfillment

FORTNA can transform e-Commerce distribution operations by helping organizations control inventory, shipping costs, order fulfillment and returns processing.

FORTNA solves complex e-Commerce fulfillment challenges

An e-Commerce fulfillment system controls inventory, picking and packing, and the delivery of products purchased online. Optimization and efficiency in this process can significantly impact the customer experience, in addition to controlling operational and order fulfillment system costs. E-Commerce demand continues to experience exponential growth, creating new distribution challenges for companies to navigate. FORTNA designs and delivers solutions to address:

  • Changing order profiles and channels creating additional complexity
  • Customer expectations for accuracy and fast and free delivery
  • Labor challenges driving up costs, limiting availability and requiring additional measures to keep workers safe
  • Efficient inventory deployment despite hard-to-predict peaks, seasonal demand and customer preferences
  • Growing number of returns, driven by growth
  • Endless aisle selection driving SKU proliferation

Client Success Case Study

FORTNA improves distribution operations with AutoStore solutions

FORTNA helped a large specialty retail client with its transformation of around-the-clock operation (3 shifts, 7 days per week) into an automated, highly efficient fulfillment engine to support e-Commerce growth and new revenue streams for the business.

e-Commerce shift requires new look at network strategy

Meeting customer expectations like free shipping, fast delivery and easy returns at the lowest possible cost requires complex analysis as part of a strategic distribution network plan. Sophisticated tools are available that use demand data to create and analyze visual network models. They allow you to weigh cost and service alternatives and perform “what-if” analysis to contrast different scenarios, looking for the network with the greatest profitability. These tools help answer questions like:

  • Do you have the correct number of distribution nodes and are they located in the right places to support new service requirements and minimize costs?
  • Are capacity constraints in some facilities driving you to incur additional transportation and operational costs to fulfill orders from other nodes?
  • Do you need different types of distribution nodes to profitably service click-and-collect orders?
  • Are you looking for opportunities for zone-skipping to increase speed and save on costs?
  • In case of sudden disruption, where could you shift volume and what are the impacts to service and cost?
  • Is a micro-fulfillment strategy right for you? (Using existing stores’ footprint or dark stores and high-density automation solutions to reduce transportation distance and time to customers)

Learn how goods-to-person technology can help solve labor challenges

Improve e-Commerce picking productivity with goods-to-person technologies. Use our assessment tool to calculate potential savings with automation.

Client success case study

New highly automated DC to support explosive e-Commerce growth

Sport Chek was experiencing explosive e-Commerce business growth that the existing DC was not designed to support, hindering the ability to service customers efficiently. They used ship-from-store to fill orders, but that drove up order fulfillment costs. They partnered with FORTNA to consolidate all their banners into a new highly automated DC that leverages goods-to-person technology and decreases e-Commerce fulfillment system costs.

Improve agility and efficiency in
e-Commerce operations

Improve business flexibility and continuity

Flexibility to pivot based on shifting business landscape and changing order profiles. Optimize e-Commerce operations with best-fit technologies and intelligent software.

Efficient operations to meet and exceed customer expectations

Amazon has raised the bar for fast and accurate order fulfillment. Customers expect immediate availability of inventory regardless of where it sits in the network. Your operations must be designed for responsiveness.

Address demand with efficient use of inventory

Leverage inventory to fulfill orders from the most advantageous node in the network resulting in the ability to better address ever-changing levels of demand.

FORTNA helped design every step of the way and they've even built for our future.

VP of Fulfillment, Logistics & Manufacturing


The FORTNA difference enables omnichannel capabilities for fast, flexible order fulfillment

It All Starts with Strategy

We take a holistic approach to distribution strategy, considering upstream/downstream impacts on an entire network of operations.

Design rooted in data science

Scientifically proven proprietary modeling tools and algorithms allow us to design for maximum efficiency and outcomes.


Best-fit solutions with unique technology selection

Our deep bench of experts selects appropriate and best-fit technologies that optimize your solution. The result is a comprehensive, flexible solution that delivers exemplary business results.

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