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Intelligent automated warehouse software for complex distribution challenges

Intelligent software is essential to optimizing operations for maximum efficiency, reliability and flexibility. FORTNA WES™ is the leading warehouse execution system in the market. With an equipment and supplier agnostic approach to software, FORTNA designs and implements innovative and high-performance solutions for clients to power their operations with fast and accurate order fulfillment.


FORTNA WES™ unlocks the value of automation

Power your performance with an intelligent warehouse execution system. Orchestrate people, processes, orders and automation with our science-backed proprietary algorithms for optimizing real-time dynamic operational performance.

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Vendor-agnostic controls drive improved MHE performance. Business-critical operations require a controls system that integrates with any supplier’s equipment, systems and applications to reduce implementation time and risk.

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Warehouses can gain rapid ROI by optimizing operations with advanced slotting software. FORTNA OptiSlot DC™ can deliver a sustainable slotting solution that employs strategic putaway optimizing critical pick paths to minimize travel for selectors and support efficient pallet building, all while reducing product breakage and meeting rising customer demands.

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Optimize business-critical operations with the FORTNA framework

The FORTNA Distribution Optimization Framework™ (FORTNA Framework) leverages proprietary processes, tools and algorithms to design and deliver solutions using best-fit automation technologies and intelligent software.

The FORTNA Framework leverages Optimization Science™ for design-build solutions that provide fast, accurate and profitable order fulfillment.

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