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5 Reasons to Visit FORTNA at ProMat

by Cheryl Falk

Consumers are looking for seamless, unified brand experiences to satisfy demands and distribution environments that act with speed, accuracy and flexibility. FORTNA can help.

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Ten Optimization Opportunities for Operations in 2023

by Brad Anderson

As we move through the first part of 2023, it is a great time to investigate new opportunities to grow and streamline your operations. Here are some of the top ways to optimize this year and beyond.

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Relieving the Pressure of Returns

by Chris Slover

Retailers, especially in apparel, have been burdened with the practice of bracketing, where a customer will buy multiple versions and sizes of a product with the intent of only keeping one and returning the others. Learn how some retailers are responding to the returns challenge.

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Retire the Woes of Spreadsheet Slotting

by Chuck Grissom

Operations are increasing in complexity, outgrowing inventory tracked by spreadsheets; functions requiring multifaceted solutions may need optimization technology.

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Leveraging Data to Identify Capacity in Your DC

by Darren Jorgenson

Using data-driven analytical tools, FORTNA shows two different approaches to identifying capacity and gaining key insights into a distribution center’s operations and throughput.

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What are the Top Robotic Systems and Which One is Right for You?

by Chris Zimmerman

A new 2022 robotic survey reveals interesting trends and attitudes toward robotics in the warehouse space, as well as what robotic systems will be the most in demand over the next two to five years.

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