Micro-fulfillment strategies for a more agile and responsive network

You provide an essential service. Thin margins coupled with scarce and expensive urban real estate makes that hard to do profitably. In-store picking is expensive, frustrates the customer experience, and becomes more challenging when labor is scarce. Disruption doesn’t have to mean you miss on customer expectations.

The Fortna Micro-fulfillment Strategy Assessment, designed to improve business continuity, guides you through various micro-fulfillment strategies and best fit technologies, evaluating multiple levels of automation options such as AutoStore. A premier micro-fulfillment solution, AutoStore delivers optimized throughput and storage density in a small sustainable footprint, fast and accurate order fulfillment and reduces dependence on labor – all while providing appropriate social distancing for employees.   

Our robust bench of distribution and technology specialists will help you:

  • Holistically review current technologies
  • Identify scalable, flexible and cost-justified solutions to accelerate structural change for online fulfillment
  • Strategize to optimize throughput, speed and accuracy
  • Minimize business disruption and mitigate risk
  • Prepare your facility for appropriate physical distancing requirements to ensure employee safety and health

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Experience Micro-fulfillment:

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