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Implementable Strategies for Distribution Network Integration

Fortna works with your executive team to identify and understand your business objectives. We start the collaborative visioning process by collecting data and use proprietary science-backed tools and algorithms to develop a network strategy that meets or exceeds your objectives. We work with you to align a broad group of stakeholders around a strategy and roadmap that is agile, executable, and supported by a business case.

    Where Distribution Strategy Meets Competitive Advantage

    Your network strategy is the first step to ensuring the business remains agile to respond to change and disruption. A holistic view that considers the upstream and downstream impacts on the entire network can be the difference between success and failure of the enterprise. With Fortna, your network strategy will be:

    • Business Case Justified
    • Implementable and Flexible
    • Backed by Data Science

      Leverage the Fortna Network Strategy Tool to Assess Your Network

      The Fortna Network Strategy Tool allows you to project and contrast different scenarios and explore alternatives as a part of a complete network refresh or a targeted eCom strategy assessment. Provide us with a few data points and we will contact you to demonstrate the power of Fortna’s Network Strategy Tool using your data.

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      Strategy Solutions

      Developing your strategy requires both science and art to balance cost, service and return on investment.

      Fortna brings both to every project with a deep bench of operations experts to interpret the data and help ensure the strategy uniquely meets today’s needs and can easily adjust to future changes in the business.


      Network Design

      Fortna will work with you to determine the most effective configuration of distribution facilities, including location, size, geographic coverage, product mix, service, and cost tradeoffs. We go beyond your typical network design by looking at IT and facility infrastructure and considering the impacts of the strategy decisions on your technology stack and equipment choice. Together, we will develop a roadmap across all workstreams to clearly identify the steps required to achieve your goals.

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      Fulfillment Strategy

      Fortna will benchmark your capabilities against the industry, select peers, and desired performance. We will identify opportunities, strategies, and the business justification to narrow any gaps and drive competitive advantage. We consider how software and equipment can enable or constrain the decisions you make early in the process, so those workstreams are a part of the roadmap right from the start.


      Facility & Roadmap Planning

      You’re out of capacity. Your lease is expiring. Service requirements have changed. Your business is growing. How do you decide what your next step is? Fortna provides alternative site assessment and analysis leading to a roadmap to support short- and longer-term facility plans with optimization strategies resulting in a justifiable business case.

        eCommerce Shift Requires New Look at Network Strategy

        Rapid acceleration of eCommerce growth requires review of the network strategy for opportunities to alleviate capacity constraints that impede business continuity or continued growth.

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        Moving from Strategy to
        Operations Design

        At Fortna, we begin with the strategy, and then help you implement it. Our Operations Design team is ready with a seamless hand-off when you are ready to begin working through the roadmap we worked together to create, where we identify the steps required to achieve the goals across various workstreams.

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