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High-Density Storage with AutoStore Picking Robots

AutoStore offers a high-density storage solution to increase the speed, accuracy, and responsiveness to dynamically changing e-Commerce demand. At FORTNA, we begin with your business requirements and apply our proprietary Distribution Optimization Framework to design a data-driven solution with AutoStore and our intelligent software. The end result is fast and accurate order fulfillment and a realized competitive advantage.

Where Online Demand Meets
Flexible Fulfilment Operations

FORTNA enables order fulfillment operations close to your customer.  The flexible, scalable AutoStore fulfillment solution maximizes capacity and performance so you can:

  • Improve Order Fulfilment Speed & Accuracy
  • Solve for Shifting Customer Demand
  • Optimize for Profitable Fulfillment

AutoStore Fulfilment Solutions Are Ideal for Operations with:

  • Each picking operations
  • Large or fast-growing number of SKUs
  • Low/mid velocity SKUs
  • Order profiles with few line items
  • Small items or cases
  • Merchandise requiring secure storage
  • Limited or odd-shaped space


AutoStore is the ultimate order fulfilment solution. It combines the highest storage density of any goods-to-person solution, with a high throughput technology, making it a perfect fit for order fulfilment from large warehouses to small urban stores and backrooms.


Expand the system as your business grows by adding more robots, more workstations or adding storage locations, without disrupting ongoing operations.

Space Optimised

With high-density storage, AutoStore can increase storage capacity 4X within the same footprint and take advantage of even smallest space available.


AutoStore solutions are modular so individual components can be switched out for repair without impacting uptime of the rest of the system.


The energy efficient robots utilize regenerative technology and can run on solar power alone. Ten robots use less energy than a vacuum.


The B1 supports true 24/7 operations with technology that allows a robot to switch out its battery rather than spend time on a charging station.


The compact design and fully enclosed grid allow products to be securely stored, authorising access only at the time an order is processed.

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The AutoStore Storage System



Red Line

Each robot is independently controlled, supporting a system with no single point of failure and an uptime of 99.6%. Any robot can collect any bin and deliver it to any workstation.


Black Line

A slimmed-down, lighter warehouse robot with a cavity design, the B1 brings more speed to operations where it matters most, like larger warehouses where driving distances are longer.

autostore-conveyor-port-workstation-fortna autostore-port-workstation-overhead-view-carouselport-fortna


Each workstation is designed at an optimal height and includes multiple safety features to prevent injury. There are different types of ports to support picking and replenishment operations, including ConveyorPort, CarouselPort, SwingPort, and RelayPort.



The size and shape of the aluminum Grid is restricted only by the warehouse around it, ensuring optimal space usage. All AutoStore components are standardised modules that are simple to assemble and easy to connect.

autostore-bin-fortna autostore-bin-divided-fortna


Made of either HDPE or anti-static PP-ESD, the AutoStore Bin is stackable and engineered to withstand hundreds of thousands of movements over years of service. Bins are available in three sizes.



The Controller is the command centre of AutoStore. It knows the location of every bin, every robot, every port, and every SKU. It constantly plans and schedules tasks to the Robots in real time.

The FORTNA Difference: Business Results Delivered

It All Starts with Strategy

We take a holistic approach to distribution strategy, considering upstream/downstream impacts on an entire network of operations.

Data-Driven Design

Scientifically proven proprietary modelling tools and algorithms allow us to design for maximum efficiency and outcomes.

Best-Fit Solutions

Our deep bench of partners allows us to identify and select appropriate and best-fit technologies that deliver exemplary business results.