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AutoStore fulfillment systems: empowered by FORTNA

Flexibles Fulfillment für das Online-Geschäft

FORTNA, a global AutoStore system integrator, helps organisations maximise their available footprint with a goods-to-person (GTP), high-density storage solution that provides the best-in-class space utilisation and picking productivity. Utilised in multiple verticals like apparel, footwear, sporting goods, home goods, spare parts and 3PLs, the AutoStore, empowered by FORTNA solution can maximise capacity, reduce operational costs and increase productivity in your warehouse operations.

High density storage with FORTNA operational design

Paired with the FORTNA operational design team of experts, the highly flexible, module-based, high-density storage and retrieval solution provides not only maximum performance and capacity but also real-time control of inventory with minimal labour. Able to be integrated into small, medium and large warehouse operations, an AutoStore system can be easily scaled for growth and throughput.

  • Data-driven operational design for any warehouse footprint and ceiling height
  • Extensive experience, planning and integration of AutoStore systems
  • Scalability and flexibility in design allows for seamless future warehouse automation growth
  • AutoStore solution integrates with FORTNA WESTM
  • Experience with integrating existing automation with AutoStore solution
  • Resident maintenance offering to maximise uptime

Features and Benefits

Maximise performance

  • Improves order fulfillment speed and accuracy
  • Minimises cost of labour while increasing pick rates
  • Delivers 24/7/365 operations
  • Accommodates low, moderate and high throughput rates
  • Automatically accommodates seasonal SKU changes
  • Minimises single-point-of-failure issues
  • Quick and easy consolidation of orders at workstation

Features and Benefits

Maximise space efficiency

  • High-density storage
  • 75% reduction in floor space use
  • Easily integrated into existing facilities (low and high ceilings)
  • Easy to expand capacity – add robots, picking stations and bin locations
  • Easy to configure in small to moderate to large warehouse footprints
  • Multiple bin sizes available to accommodate varying sizes of products
  • No aisles or shelving

Features and Benefits

Maximise control & reliability

  • Provides immediate process improvement for accuracy
  • Eliminates multiple manual processes
  • Parallel picking and replenishment
  • Minimises picking errors
  • Maximises inventory control
  • Natural slotting
  • Full order consolidation at goods-to-person station

Features and Benefits

Fuels sustainable operations

  • Decreases the size of the carbon footprint
  • Decreases power consumption – battery regeneration when operational
  • Decreases air to heat, clean and/or cool the warehouse
  • Battery powered robots consume 60% less energy
  • Green solution

What is the AutoStore system
empowered by FORTNA?


  • Aluminum grid structure creates the storage space as well as top tracks for robot travel; the grid is completely flexible in its layout to fit any floorplan or ceiling height
  • Robots travel along top of grid, able to access any bin within the system for delivery to any goods-to-person station
  • Multiple AutoStore robots and goods-to-person stations create overall system redundancy, ensuring no single point of failure
  • Bins are delivered to picking ports from within the grid for final SKU picking by workers
  • Bins are stacked on top of one another within the grid providing high-density storage
  • Parallel picking and replenishment
  • Natural slotting can adjust for seasonal and promotional changes


AutoStore grid

The aluminum grid comprises the base of the storage system

  • Self-supported aluminum structure
  • X & Y movement on the grid’s top tracks allow robots to access all cells inside the grid
  • Modular, flexible and scalable concept
  • Can be built up to 20 feet tall, around columns or other obstacles
  • 17 unique parts make up the entire grid system


AutoStore bins

Standardised bins for inventory storage

  • AutoStore bins can be divided into smaller compartments using partitions
  • Bins have 4 gripper holes and open corners for grip alignment
  • Bins are available in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP-ESD) (anti-static) construction
  • Available in 3 height sizes


AutoStore robots

Robots feature a lift that allows it to pick and place bins

  • R5 (redline) robots – can handle small and medium bins
  • B1 (blackline) robots – faster robot, able to accommodate taller bin heights
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries
  • Controlled wirelessly
  • 8 drive wheels for X and Y axis movement


AutoStore ports or goods-to-person stations

Stations where picking and putaway are performed

  • Conveyor port
  • Carousel port
  • Swing port
  • Relay port
  • Fusion port

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