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Fortna leverages Expertise, Data Science and Digital Agility to enable companies to flex with changing global requirements and meet customer expectations. Enhancing digital capabilities, we help clients solve the most complex distribution challenges and ensure business continuity. We are an end-to-end design-build firm, delivering data-driven solutions supported by engineering expertise, intelligent software, and best-fit technologies. Our solutions help improve performance, enable growth, and ultimately, drive profitability.

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Fortna and MHS Global will now be known as a single company, FORTNA

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Predicts 2023: Supply Chain Technology

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        Empower Business-Critical Operations with

        The Fortna Distribution Optimization Framework

          From small to mid-size to complex transformational projects, Fortna stands ready to help. The Fortna Framework is our proprietary methodology that begins with an assessment of your current state and desired future state.



          We take a holistic approach to distribution strategy, considering upstream/downstream impacts on an entire network of operations.

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          Our process begins with establishing a partnership with your executive team to align on business goals. We then conduct an assessment of your operations and network to identify both short- and long-term opportunities for improvement.

          Whether you want to enhance digital capabilities, optimize existing operations or increase resilience, The Distribution Experts at Fortna can help.

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          Operations Design

          Our Operations Design Methodology is rooted in Data Science. Fortna’s proven proprietary modeling tools and algorithms allow us to design for maximum efficiency and outcomes. We are not tied to any one manufacturer. Our agnostic approach allows for truly innovative design that leverages best-fit technologies. Our intelligent software, FortnaWES, optimizes the design for higher utilization of people, processes, space, and automation.

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          Fortna orchestrates and aligns the many workstreams that are required to bring the project to life and to achieve the promised business results. Our scale and broad experience enables us to better mitigate risk from small to complex projects and ensure client success.

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          Lifecycle Services

          Fortna supports a diverse portfolio of MHE and software implementations worldwide. We provide ongoing service and support to extend the life of your investment with maximum uptime, reduced operational costs, safety enhancements, and upgraded systems and technology.

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            Tap into the Power of Robotics: Leveraging Robots in the DC

            The Distribution Experts at Fortna have answers to your questions and insights to help you identify and avoid some of the challenges with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and robotic picking arms.

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            Elevate Distribution Capabilities with the Power of the Fortna Framework

              Solutions for Today’s Challenges

              Fortna develops the optimal solution for your business challenges. Whether your business wrestles with eCommerce fulfillment and returns, omni-channel commerce or the complexities of local micro-fulfillment, our solutions improve performance today while ensuring flexibility for the future.

                Best-Fit Technology Solutions

                Being supplier-agnostic allows us to identify and select technologies that uniquely meet your business requirements. The result is a comprehensive, flexible solution that delivers the promised business results.

                  Software to Power Performance

                  In addition to our FortnaWES™ offering, our supplier-agnostic approach allows us to identify and select additional technologies that uniquely meet your business requirements. The result is a comprehensive, flexible solution that delivers the promised business results.

                  Learn How Goods-to-Person Technology Can Help Solve Labor Challenges

                  Improve eCommerce picking productivity with Goods-to-Person technologies.<br> Use our assessment tool to calculate potential savings with automation.

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                  The Distribution Experts™

                  At Fortna, our passion for technology, innovation, and lifelong learning fuel everything we do. Let us help you solve your distribution challenges.


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                      MHS Global and Fortna have combined brands to create a single and powerful brand that will be known, henceforth, as FORTNA.

                      The MHS and Fortna companies are industry leaders with a rich bench of talent and focused experience to design, develop and deliver transformative omni-channel and parcel distribution solutions. In a world where ever-increasing consumer demands continually face off with supply chain disruption and other challenges, FORTNA offers customers the partnership and solutions they can count on to outpace the demands of tomorrow.

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