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Automate downstream for operational efficiency

From the small to medium capacity typical of last mile depots, FORTNA pivoting wheel sorters can sort a large variety of packages with different weights and sizes. Suitable for inbound and outbound operations, the pivoting wheel sorter can handle bidirectional flows on the same line for streamlined design, optimized workflow and a smaller footprint.

By automating downstream, businesses can speed up their sorting process and handle larger shipments in a shorter period of time, thereby increasing efficiency. The time saved in facility operations means more time to serve the final customers, establishing a competitive advantage.

Improve TCO with flexible and scalable sorting solutions

To align with market demand, businesses must remain adaptable and adjust their operations to accommodate varying volumes and seasonal surges. FORTNA pivoting wheel sorters feature modular solutions that boost operational flexibility and enable design scalability.

Benefits of modular sortation systems:

  • Future-proofing solutions, easy upgrade to system output anytime
  • Space optimization due to streamlined design
  • Improved workflow and operational effectiveness
  • Less maintenance ensured by consolidated technology
  • Shorter lead times
  • Cost efficiency


The FORTNA E-Switch is a fully electric wheel sorter with the ability to sort a wide range of products. It can transform into a bidirectional system and offers the added functionality of merging, conveying and centering parcels. With its pivoting wheels, the system enables seamless parcel diversion without disruption, ensuring gentle handling of items of various sizes and weights. This sorter is particularly suitable for a last-mile solution.



Supported by its dedicated frame, the FORTNA IQ-Grid has the flexibility to function as a completely independent unit and can be customized to meet the unique needs and preferences of individual operations. In various applications, each IQ-cassette can be independently controlled to reduce gaps and ensure precise product sorting.

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