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Sort small orders with the FORTNA OptiSweep robotic solution

FORTNA OptiSweep is a robotic solution that automates the consolidation and transportation of small orders away from sortation systems in high-volume eCommerce and sortation centers.

FORTNA OptiSweep brings an innovative, proven and flexible robotic technology to the sorter close-out process, replacing both manual operations and legacy technologies such as the bombay sorter. The solution significantly reduces labor requirements and provides ergonomic improvements. It eliminates the need for workers to bend and reach into bags to move items and substantially cuts the distance and time spent walking in the warehouse.

This solution easily integrates with sorter systems and can match a range of throughput requirements, offering processing flexibility from 4,000 to more than 35,000 pieces per hour. By mitigating the need for excess labor to accommodate demand fluctuations, OptiSweep enables businesses to maintain prolonged run time without disruption, scale effectively and optimize facility-wide efficiency.

Autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) traveling through a warehouse being guided by the FORTNA OptiSweep robotic solution

FORTNA OptiSweep and

This innovative solution automates what is typically a labor-intensive process by using mobile robots to collect packages from sorter divert locations and bring them to a specially designed tipping arm to deposit packages for bulk consolidation and outbound processes. FORTNA WCS™ software and its proprietary algorithms seamlessly orchestrate the workflow, managing the mobile robots and communicating with the sorter and the consolidation stations to maximize efficiency and balance product flow.

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Powered by an intelligent warehouse execution system

FORNTA WES™ intelligent software optimizes the design and allows you to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for compounded gains in efficiency and insights. This unique software platform makes it possible to integrate solutions from virtually any type of equipment and swap out technologies without having to make expensive and time-consuming updates to your existing systems.

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