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Optimise operations with OptiSlot DC™ warehouse slotting software

Warehouses can gain rapid ROI by optimising operations with advanced slotting software. As a result, operations benefit from increased productivity, reduced labour expenses, controlled replenishment, better inventory management, reduction in partial order shipments, improved order quality and improved space utilisation.

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The Value of FORTNA OptiSlot DC™ Software

  • Advanced applied mathematics in warehouse slotting strategy, including deterministic algorithms paired with patented optimisation processes yield optimal client solutions
  • Proven software architecture improves performance and enhances precision and speed in inventory management
  • Precise analysis and visibility tools including comparative reports, heat maps, colour coding and built-in reslotting functionality
  • Multiple integration options with WES and WCS systems
  • Minimal hardware requirements, easily adapted for Sustainable Slotting

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FORTNA OptiSlot DC™ provides intelligent slotting solutions through advanced combinatorial mathematics

Optimising Operations for Volume, Efficiency and Reliability

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved critical pick paths
  • Enhanced storage and retrieval
  • Optimal mixed pallet building
  • Reduction in product breakage
  • Improved picking ergonomics

Finding the right balance

Optimised slotting strikes the right balance in slotting strategies by assigning a pick location for each SKU based on unique product attributes, the physical characteristics of the distribution centre and the organisation’s operational goals. FORTNA OptiSlot DC™ can deliver a sustainable slotting solution that employs strategic putaway optimising critical pick paths to minimise travel for selectors and support efficient pallet building, all while reducing product breakage and meeting rising customer demands.

Boston Scientific optimises inventory with <br>FORTNA OptiSlot DC™

Learn how Boston Scientific was able to leverage the FORTNA OptiSlot DC™ slotting software to reduce replenishments, reduce order picking travel time and improve capacity within their distribution centre.

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