Video Case Study: L.L.Bean

Fortna helped L.L.Bean extend the life of its DC, combine channels under a single roof and optimize operations for increased speed and productivity. Watch this video to learn more.

Labor Challenges, Trends and Practical Solutions

Distribution labor challenges continue with no signs of abating. Here are four strategies that companies are implementing to overcome today’s labor problems.

Key Trends that Will Change Your Distribution Strategy

Several key trends are driving changes in distribution strategy. Geopolitical/ economic uncertainty, customer expectations, disruption and volatility all threaten to derail the best plans.

Practical Solutions for Today’s Labor Challenges

Jeremy Davidson talks with SupplyChainBrain about labor challenges and creative strategies for attracting and keeping talent.

How e-Commerce & New Technologies Have Transformed DCs

Chris Slover talks with SupplyChainBrain about how technologies and warehouse execution software have transformed distribution center design.

IoT Key to Supply Chain Visibility

Fortna talks with Modern Materials Handling about enabling track and trace and increased supply chain visibility via Internet of Things technology.

Style Intelligence: Goods to Person Robotics Report 2019

This report provides readers with an overview of the Goods to Person robotics market (with particular focus on ecommerce warehouse fulfilment use case) dynamics, segments, and competitors.


Journey Toward Automation

Read this DC Velocity article about Journeys modernization of its TN DC that enables continued omnichannel growth with flexibility to adjust to demand fluctuations.


Warehouse Software Will Drive the Next Big Breakthrough in Distribution

A new class of warehouse software is driving unprecedented levels of optimization, enabling flexibility, extending the life of existing assets, and providing a platform for piloting new technologies.

Autonomous Robots in the Distribution Center: Are They a Justifiable Investment?

Everyone says bots will transform the DC. But how do you decide if they are a fit for your operations? In this SupplyChainBrain article, learn the 7 applications for bots with a strong business case.