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Retail and apparel warehouse and distribution solutions

Building a modern, automated warehouse in the retail and apparel space is essential to increasing operational efficiency while lowering costs. FORTNA partners with companies to design and deliver solutions to help anticipate ongoing labour challenges, changing customer trends and growing SKUs.

Digital drives demand for enhanced omnichannel capabilities

Retail continues to experience unprecedented disruption. Omnichannel capabilities, including ship from store, micro-fulfillment and dark stores, are front and centre as retailers and general merchandisers navigate challenges influenced by growing customer expectations around experience and returns.

Retail and apparel industry challenges

FORTNA understands these challenges and designs solutions that transform operations.


An aging workforce and shifting generations are creating labour shortages that drive up costs, limit availability and require additional safety measures. FORTNA’s customised solutions are designed to drive efficiency, ensure compliance and meet the evolving needs of your customers.


Consumer expectations for endless selection has driven SKU proliferation, requiring a strategic approach to managing capacity for a varied inventory. FORTNA can help you build a best-fit solution from an automation, software and robotics perspective to address a rapidly changing inventory mix.

Omnichannel fulfillment

As consumer habits continue to shift, retailers need to be prepared to serve them in a variety of channels. FORTNA can help transform fulfillment operations to enable flexibility and address digital disruption and growth objectives.


How to Manage the Surge of Returns

With customer expectations and brand loyalty often hinged on customer-friendly return policies and easy return shipping, a clear and concise returns management strategy can eliminate unneeded waste and boost sales. Learn how to plan for returns effectively while leveraging automation, regardless of your distribution facility or network size.

Customer Success Case Study

Ulta Beauty: Transforming distribution to support growth

To support its growth plans, Ulta Beauty partnered with FORTNA to more than double distribution capacity. Following the design and build of three omnichannel distribution centres to support store-friendly shipments and a dedicated e-Commerce distribution centre, the company has accelerated fulfillment, improved store operations, decreased out-of-stocks and reduced transportation and labour costs, among other benefits.

FORTNA has helped us to transform our distribution network to support our growth, deliver meaningful results and ensure our guest experiences are optimised.

Vice President Supply Chain Strategy & Systems

Ulta Beauty

Video Case Study

Faced with exponential omni-channel growth, Journeys partnered with FORTNA for an expansion of their Tennessee distribution centre to increase capacity and throughput by 200%.

Representative Customers


FORTNA can help transform fulfillment operations to enable flexibility and address digital disruption and growth objectives

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Data-driven solutions to accelerate performance


Scientifically proven proprietary modelling tools and algorithms allow FORTNA to design for maximum efficiency and outcomes.

Holistic approach

FORTNA designs solutions with a holistic perspective, considering upstream/downstream impacts on the entire operation and network.

Best-fit technology

At FORTNA, we identify and select appropriate and best fit technologies to optimise the solution.

Visualization of warehouse software analyzing inventory being picked by AMRs

Warehouse automation solutions

FORTNA is your trusted partner for transforming your distribution operation. We help organisations manage labour costs, optimise inventory management, and leverage a wide range of automation solutions. Using our unique data-driven approach, we can identify the best-fit distribution centre solutions to increase productivity, manage SKU proliferation and optimise warehouse processes.

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Intelligent software solutions

Intelligent software is essential to optimising operations for maximum efficiency, reliability and flexibility. With an equipment and supplier agnostic approach to software, FORTNA designs and implements innovative and high-performance solutions for customers to power their operations with fast and accurate order fulfillment.

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