Designing for Business Continuity in Times of Disruption

Disruption is happening at a pace you can see and has revealed supply chain vulnerabilities. With disruption comes opportunity. Leaders who innovate quickly with a focus on agility will reap rewards.

Warehouse Automation Needs This Software to Reach Its Full Value

Traditional software for distribution management can’t meet the needs of modern DCs. Elevating the role of the WES in conjunction with other technology solutions results in more efficient, optimized and profitable operations.

Unlocking the Value of Digital Fulfillment: WES as a Platform for Flexibility

WES is designed to be flexible enabling operations to scale up or down to meet changing DC needs and incorporate new automation technology.

Unlocking the Value of Digital Fulfillment: The Evolving Warehouse Tech Stack

WES is a real-time orchestration and optimization “engine”—leveling the peaks and valleys of integrated processes —while increasing speed and output.

Unlocking the Value of Digital Fulfillment: Real-Time Systems Orchestrate and Optimize Complexity

Systems that manage traditional manual operations simply cannot meet the needs of the automated distribution center. WES will be required to gain the full benefits of automation in the DC.

Distribution at a Pivot Point: Choosing the Right Automation Technology for Your Business

Automation is not new, but there are a number of new/emerging technologies and business reasons which make the justifying investments easier. Evaluating technologies through the lens of the business case.

Distribution at a Pivot Point: Building the Business Case for Automation

To achieve the fulfillment speed needed to compete with next-day shipping promises, companies must look to automation, which can help improve service capability and drive competitive advantage.

Video Case Study: L.L.Bean

Fortna helped L.L.Bean extend the life of its DC, combine channels under a single roof and optimize operations for increased speed and productivity. Watch this video to learn more.

How e-Commerce & New Technologies Have Transformed DCs

Chris Slover talks with SupplyChainBrain about how technologies and warehouse execution software have transformed distribution center design.

IoT Key to Supply Chain Visibility

Fortna talks with Modern Materials Handling about enabling track and trace and increased supply chain visibility via Internet of Things technology.