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Power Your Performance with an Intelligent WES Software

Orchestrate people, processes, orders, and automation with our science-backed proprietary algorithms for optimising real-time dynamic operational performance.

FortnaWES™ integrates with any WMS or MHE solution to maximise visibility and empower your control of DC operations.


The Value of FortnaWES

  • Increase throughput by balancing workflows across labour and equipment resources
  • Realise ROI through increased efficiency and utilisation of resources and space
  • Achieve greater control over operations with more visibility to enable real-time decisions
  • Decrease complexity of managing multiple applications by streamlining the warehouse software ecosystem
  • Enable growth through configurable and scalable solutions

FortnaWES Maximises the ROI of Your Automation Investments

Optimising Operations for Volume, Efficiency and Reliability

  • Increase Volume and Throughput Capacity
  • Increase Efficiency Through Higher Utilisation of Resources
  • Improve Operational Reliability and Predictable Results

Optimise Your Business-Critical Operations with a Full-Featured WES

FortnaWES offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities that can be scaled for your specific operations. WES seamlessly manages your order fulfilment processes while providing real-time visibility across the system and synchronising data with host systems. And with the ability to enable additional features you can take your warehouse to the next level of optimisation and intelligence.


Optimisation Engine

At the center of FortnaWES is a highly evolved system that manages workflows, tasks orders and processes to intelligently synchronise people, equipment, and functions. FortnaWES monitors and controls the flow of product and orders through all areas of the DC to plan and execute work, making optimisation decisions in real-time to ensure continuous flow.


Science-Based Proprietary Algorithms

Data-driven methodologies enable improved synchronisation, prioritisation, and sequencing across your distribution operations.


Proven Integrations Experience

Say goodbye to headache-inducing systems integrations. We’ve partnered with hundreds of clients and a wide array of software ecosystems. FortnaWES integrates seamlessly with Fortna Real-time Controls to power your material handling equipment. When you partner with Fortna, you get a deep bench of robust global integration experience across industries.

FortnaWES gives us the necessary flexibility and scalability to evolve and grow our business.

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