Fortna Announces the Next Major Release of its Warehouse Execution Software Platform: FortnaWES™ 2020 R1 - FORTNA

FORTNA Announces the Next Major Release of its Warehouse Execution Software Platform: FORTNA WES™ 2020 R1

Increases labor productivity and unit throughput with dynamic and continuous picking algorithms.

READING, PA (January 6, 2020) – FORTNA®, The Distribution Experts®, announced today the next generation release of its warehouse execution software platform, FORTNA WES™ 2020 R1.  Continuing its tradition of providing clients with a scalable, modular and flexible approach to solution design, this new release optimizes advanced algorithms for dynamic picking and further supports labor-enhancing technologies such as AS/RS, Goods to Person and Autonomous Mobile Robots.

New order fulfillment functionality includes enhanced capability on the picking side to perform dynamic and continuous picking using carts for each picking and mobile picking from reserve. There is new e-commerce packing functionality to support continuous flow and optimize the packing processes.  Additionally, FORTNA’s Command Center™ WES management console features a next generation UI for increased supervisory visibility into highly automated systems with advanced dashboards and controls.

FORTNA WES™ was built to serve the needs of dynamic, high-volume, multi-channel and automated distribution operations. Science-based algorithms are the foundation for solving complex multi-variable issues in key optimization areas like order grouping, waveless picking and dynamic task assignments.

“This version builds on previous releases that enabled FORTNA’s material handling systems and WMS agnostic business model,” says Shankar Shanmugasundaram, FORTNA Vice President, Product R&D. “FORTNA WES™ 2020 R1 extends systems flexibility and functionality to optimize e-commerce fulfillment technologies while helping our clients balance order fulfillment speed and accuracy demands with the challenges of a sparse labor market.”

FORTNA WES™ helps reduce the fulfillment execution cycle time within the distribution center and improve service levels.  It allows our clients to Run Agile Fulfillment™ by selecting and deploying the solutions needed today plus have the flexibility to add functions as business needs evolve.

For over 70 years, FORTNA has partnered with the world’s top brands to transform their distribution operations into a competitive advantage. FORTNA helps Clients make and keep bold promises to their customers – fast, accurate and cost-effective fulfillment consistently at every touchpoint, across every channel. FORTNA’s expertise spans distribution strategy, distribution center operations, material handling automation, supply chain systems and warehouse execution software systems. We built our firm on a promise – we develop a solid business case for change and hold ourselves accountable for results. For more, visit

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