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Extend the labor force with the industrial distribution technology assessment

Industrial distributors are challenged by both space and labor constraints as customer expectations for faster order fulfillment add pressure to operations. The need to eliminate inefficiency and bottlenecks and fulfill orders with speed and accuracy has never been more critical.

The FORTNA Technology Assessment helps guide companies to identify and evaluate specific technologies to improve, enhance and support high SKU-count operations, extend the limited labor force, and better manage slow moving inventory, ensuring flexibility and resilience.

FORTNA provides a robust bench of distribution and technology specialists who work with you to identify business-case justified solutions

We start with a holistic review of your current technologies and capabilities. We then leverage data science and broad experience across a wide array of suppliers to recommend best-fit technologies that achieve your operational and business goals. All of our recommendations are financially supported with a solid business case.

  • Holistically review current technologies
  • Identify scalable and flexible solutions to accelerate structural change for seamless omnichannel distribution
  • Strategize to optimize throughput, speed and accuracy
  • Evaluate systems and identify potential integration challenges to minimize business disruption and mitigate risk
  • Optimize environment for worker health and safety

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FORTNA evaluates and identifies specific technologies to support digital capabilities, reduce dependence on labor and ensure business continuity.

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FORTNA Technology Assessment

Space and labor constraints coupled with the pressure to fulfill orders with increased speed and accuracy are driving industrial distributors to look at automation for their high-SKU count operations.