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What are the Top Robotic Systems and Which is Right for You?

A new 2022 robotic survey recently released by the Peerless Research Group1 reveals some interesting trends and attitudes toward robotics in the warehouse space, as well as what robotic systems will be in demand over the next two to five years.

Labor concerns, order accuracy and safety all ranked high as motivators for warehouses to pursue robotic solutions, but the main driver for adoption was the need to increase throughput to meet growing demand. While robotic demonstrations at trade shows like ProMat and MODEX always draw a crowd, the survey was asking if robots and robotic solutions were being widely adopted and put into use.

The survey was split as there are many operations currently using or planning to integrate robots into their warehouses over the next 3 years; however, 40% of the respondents have no plans to use robots currently or in the future.

Picking, sorting, replenishment, heavy payload transport and case/tote transport were the top five use cases for robotics in distribution centers (DCs). Whereas return on investment, payback time and total cost of ownership were some of the most important factors when choosing a robotics solution. Below are the top 5 robotic systems DCs are currently considering:


1. Mobile Goods-to Person (GTP) System

Over 60% of respondents identified a GTP system would be something they would consider. A GTP system eliminates an employee walking the warehouse floor to pick orders as the products are brought to a workstation. This system includes an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), a GTP workstation and a transport system which is normally a conveyor or autonomous mobile robot (AMR) or autonomous guided vehicle (AGV).

2. Robotic Picking Systems

Multi-use robots like AMRs can be used to assist in picking either in a collaborative mode working with their human counterpart or a complete robotic picking solution.

3. Sortation Robots

There are a wide range of robotic solutions that can be leveraged when it comes to robotic sortation. Robotic arms, AMRs/AVGs, AS/RS and carousels can all be integrated into an overall warehouse solution to meet specific business cases.

4. Autonomous Retrieval to Person/Putwall Robot

Robotic system that uses a robot arm to pick and place products into a putwall.

5. Heavy Payloads, Carry-on-Top Transport Robots

Heavy duty AMR/AGV mobile robots that can transport heavy pallets, many with a loading/unloading mechanism.


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