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Optimize Your Distribution Operation at MODEX and LogiMAT

Optimize your warehouse operations to enhance distribution strategies, reduce dependency on labor and begin your supply chain transformation at MODEX and LogiMAT.

by Chris Zimmerman

Labor scarcity, SKU proliferation, capacity and how to get the most out of your current facility are all topics that will be top-of-mind as the supply chain logistics industry gathers this March at MODEX in Atlanta, Georgia, and LogiMAT in Stuttgart, Germany. FORTNA will exhibit at both shows, highlighting end-to-end warehouse and distribution solutions powered by automation, software and robotics.

In this FORTNA blog, we will reveal what to expect when you visit the FORTNA booth at both shows.


Warehouse-Ready Solutions

Recognizing the need for automation in smaller footprints and brownfield sites with the ability to scale and grow, FORTNA has partnered with AutoStore to offer warehouse-ready solutions. Using the AutoStore solution paired with FORTNA industry-leading operational design and proprietary algorithms, a warehouse-ready solution can be implemented in as short as six months.

Operations can effectively skip over the process of adding automation piece by piece and implement a proven inventory and fulfillment solution that maximizes space, reduces labor costs and meets customer demands.


FORTNA and Geek+ Partnership

FORTNA recently announced a global strategic partnership with Geek+, a leader in mobile robotic solutions for logistics. Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) have increasingly become commonplace in warehouses, creating flexibility for operations and increasing throughput and productivity.

Visit the FORTNA booth to talk to both FORTNA and Geek+ experts and learn how this partnership can elevate your operations.


Strategies to Control Labor Costs

Over the past ten years, most global supply chain research has shown that controlling labor costs and addressing labor scarcity are among their top challenges. FORTNA has helped organizations across the globe transform their omnichannel and parcel operations by identifying and integrating the best-fit automation that allows them to control labor costs, increase fulfillment order speed and manage complex inventory processes.

Meet with our experts at MODEX or LogiMAT to learn how FORTNA can help you reduce your labor costs.


Intelligent Software

While automation is the muscle that moves warehouse operations, software is the brain that orchestrates complex systems’ inputs and outputs. FORTNA has proven software that can help organizations no matter where they are in their automation journey. Whether you’re at the starting line for automation and need slotting software to increase productivity and accuracy, or you need warehouse software, like FORTNA WCS™ warehouse control system software or FORTNA WES™ warehouse execution system software, our team can help.

Schedule a meeting at either show to discuss your challenges and needs and start your transformation today.

Robotic Singulation with the FORTNA Dual 6-Axis Solution

Small packages make up almost one-third of all shipped orders, and manually singulating these packages can be physically demanding and repetitive, making hiring and retaining workers challenging. The FORTNA Dual 6-Axis Sortation Solution can process up to 3,000 packages per peak hour, singulating and orienting packages, including polybags, bubble packs, mailers and traditional shipping boxes.

Nominated for the MODEX Innovation Award, learn how the Dual 6-Axis Sortation Solution can reduce labor costs and increase accuracy rates while maximizing material handling utilization.


Lifecycle Performance Services

While maintenance and lifecycle services might not be as top-of-mind as watching a robotic arm pick orders or an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) deliver totes to a goods-to-person station (GTP), lifecycle performance is critical to realizing a return on investment on the automation in your warehouse. If your distribution center is like others, you most likely have a mix of brands and equipment that vary in age and usage. The FORTNA Lifecycle Performance Services team can help organizations as they can perform maintenance and assessments and manage spare parts across all brands of equipment, parts and software.

Visit with a FORTNA Lifecycle Performance Services specialist in the booth or schedule a meeting to learn how we can extend the life of your warehouse and deliver maximum uptime.


Whether you are visiting MODEX or LogiMAT, FORTNA industry experts, data scientists and executives will be available to meet and discuss your automation journey. Take advantage of the opportunity to use FORTNA as your sounding board on your challenges and how our data-driven approach can transform your operations.

Schedule a meeting with a FORTNA expert.