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Fortna Warehouse Control System Drives Improved MHE Performance

Integrate with any equipment and software for maximum flexibility

Automation and controls are constantly evolving. Standards are lacking across the industry. Business-critical operations require a controls system that integrates with any supplier’s equipment, systems, and applications to reduce implementation time and risk. Our vendor-agnostic controls approach enables real-time control of your MHE system.

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Fortna Real-Time Controls Provide a Single Point of Control and Visibility

Automation and MHE systems can be complex, but visibility and control doesn’t have to be. Fortna Real-Time Controls include everything you need to monitor and troubleshoot your system. Our solution enables your maintenance and support teams to keep your system running smoothly with a single access point for visibility and control.

  • Ensure Facility Flow and Uptime
  • Mitigate Risk of Integration and Implementation
  • Empower Support and Maintenance

Fortna Real-Time Controls Provide Reliability and Enable Business Agility

Fortna Real-Time Controls provides a powerful platform to implement warehouse automation systems with agility while minimizing installation time, complexity, and risk.


Reliable and Scalable Systems Architecture Platform

Fortna Real-Time Controls platform is vendor-agnostic and can be used for real-time control of your MHE system and has flexibility to handle all programming languages including: STL, FBD, and LAD.


Intuitive Web-based User Interface

The Fortna web-based interface allows you to view your MHE system from a centralized touch screen that enables you to troubleshoot any problem areas and keep your system running smoothly.

Fortna is a true partner and joined us in being committed to achieving results.


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