Redefine Distribution with a Technology Strategy Assessment

The new normal of distribution has accelerated your customers’ expectations for rapid online order fulfillment. The need to eliminate bottlenecks and fulfill a higher percentage of eCom orders with more speed and accuracy has never been more critical. The Fortna Technology Strategy Assessment can improve distribution operations for pet retailers and pet suppliers. 

Fortna designs and delivers flexible and scalable solutions that accelerate structural change to meet the demand for a seamless omni-channel experience – including a retrofit of an existing facility, micro-fulfillment solutions and fully automated distribution centers.  The Technology Assessment guides organizations through various approaches and best--fit technologies, evaluating multiple automation options such as AutoStore.  A premier order fulfillment solution, AutoStore delivers optimized throughput and storage density in a small sustainable footprint, provides fast and accurate fulfillment and reduces dependence on labor – all while addressing today’s requirements for health and safety. 

Our robust bench of distribution and technology specialists will help you:

  • Holistically review best of breed automation technologies
  • Identify scalable and flexible distribution solutions
  • Prepare your facility for appropriate social distancing requirements to ensure employee safety and health
  • Strategize to optimize eCom order throughput, speed and accuracy
  • Minimize business disruption and mitigate risk

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One Technology Option to Redefine Distribution:

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