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Move a broad range of products and packaging to the right places at the right time

Sortation is essential for supply chain systems to run smoothly with the rise in labour shortages, SKU variability and e-Commerce distribution demands. FORTNA offers a broad range of conveyor and sortation solutions that can create a more responsive operation to effectively handle high volumes of cases or totes with speed, accuracy and high throughput.

FORTNA oversees all aspects of conveyor and sortation systems in-house, handling design, engineering, installation, fabrication, software and controls to bring together all elements of a complete, tightly integrated solution. This expertise optimises product flow and makes the most of limited floor space and labour in greenfield and brownfield projects.

Maximise efficiency and accuracy with a distribution centre sortation system

When it comes to getting the right products to the right destination at the right time, any delays in the sortation process can significantly impact the delivery process. That’s why it is critical for a distribution centre to have an efficient and reliable sortation system in place.

FORTNA’s single-source, turnkey approach expedites project timelines and simplifies troubleshooting, ensuring high-quality systems that run at peak efficiency as part of advanced automated solutions. With faster implementation of modular designs, you can ensure your process meets and exceeds customer expectations during busy seasonal periods.


Sorting technologies for the best-fit solution

FORTNA offers a broad range of sorting solutions designed to meet the unique needs of distribution and parcel operations. From low to mid and high capacity, cutting-edge technology ensures that packages of all sizes and shapes are sorted with the utmost efficiency and accuracy. Choosing the ideal technology for an optimised solution design guarantees that your sortation process aligns with operational demands, capacity requirements and building constraints.

Types of sortation process automation:

  • Distribution operations in B2B market and retail
  • Crossdocking
  • Sortation of inbound and outbound parcels
  • Reverse logistics
  • 3PL and e-Commerce fulfillment automation

Optimise your supply chain, increase throughput and adapt to changing volumes

As the pressure increases on distribution operations to perform at or exceed expectations, the demand for higher order volumes and shorter processing times continues to grow. To adjust to this changing reality, companies need to implement smarter and more efficient sortation solutions to sort large quantities of inventory contained in a wide variety of package sizes and types. FORTNA provides comprehensive and unique sortation systems designed to streamline your sortation process for optimised results with minimised operations costs.

Benefits of sortation systems

  • Increase throughput and capacity
  • Shorten processing times
  • Reduce labour costs through automation
  • Minimise the cost per case and item sorted
  • Support future growth with scalable and modular designs
  • Maximise operational effectiveness
  • Improve operational control

Client Success Case Study

One of the largest and most technologically advanced hub-road in Europe, with a capacity that positions the customer at best for the future growth. A complete automated solution that further improves reliability and quality service to final customer.

The parcel hub is provided with an interconnected flow, and it can handle and sort regular parcels, irregular items, and small packages. The state-of-the art technology together with the intelligent operational process management helped to drive improvements in performance, labour, and environment.

Expedite project timelines with a single-source, turnkey approach to sortation

See how FORTNA provides warehouses with advanced sortation technology capable of handling less than 5,000 to over 50,000 items per hour and a comprehensive understanding of operational characteristics, all to provide best-fit solutions based on product mix, packaging type, throughput footprint and more.

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The FORTNA difference drives sortation success with speed, accuracy and high throughput.

It all starts with strategy

We take a holistic approach to distribution strategy, considering upstream/downstream impacts on an entire network of operations.

Design rooted in data science

Scientifically proven proprietary modelling tools and algorithms allow us to design for maximum efficiency and outcomes.


Best-fit solutions with unique technology selection

Our deep bench of experts selects appropriate and best-fit technologies that optimise your solution. The result is a comprehensive, flexible solution that delivers exemplary business results.

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