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Services: Resident Maintenance

Warehouse resident maintenance solutions and services

Review mechanical, electrical, safety, controls and maintenance processes to identify issues before they become a problem. Whether periodic or resident on-site, our maintenance team can augment or offset your existing internal resources.

Proactive and predictive, preventing problems before they happen

Qualified personnel who have the skills, knowledge and experience to maintain complex, automated material handling systems are hard to find and expensive to keep. Downtime means loss of revenue and poor customer service. In a time when speed and service mean everything, you can’t afford to wait for something to break or take more than minutes to respond when it does.


Comprehensive system checks and regular tune-ups

Lower total maintenance costs and maximise system uptime and performance with comprehensive system checks and tune-ups. FORTNA system maintenance checks include mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, controls, software and safety. We actively monitor equipment and systems for signs of wear and need for replacement and repair to identify issues before they happen, ensuring long-term success.


Training to equip your team to respond quickly

Our training programs help you shore-up and enhance the skill sets of your in-house maintenance team. We use a combination of workshops, web-based learning and hands-on exercises customised to the needs of your team members. And if you prefer to outsource the maintenance function, our resident team stands ready to assist.

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