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Insights for the distribution revolution

Optimise Your Distribution Operation at MODEX and LogiMAT

by Chris Zimmerman

Optimise your warehouse operations to enhance distribution strategies, reduce dependency on labour and begin your supply chain transformation at MODEX and LogiMAT.

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How to Manage the Surge of Returns

by Phil Pletcher

With customer expectations and brand loyalty often hinged on customer-friendly return policies and easy return shipping, a clear and concise returns management strategy can eliminate unneeded waste and boost sales. Learn how to plan for returns effectively while leveraging automation, regardless of your distribution facility or network size.

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5 Ways to Elevate Your Supply Chain in 2024

by Darren Jorgenson

As 2024 begins, supply chains are examining opportunities for optimisation and improvement in areas like robotics, return management and data visibility. This FORTNA blog examines five key opportunities to elevate your supply chain in 2024 and beyond.

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5 Quick End-of-Year Ideas for Productivity Gains

by Chris Zimmerman

In a challenging economy, warehouses can employ smaller, impactful warehouse-ready projects that can dramatically improve operations. In this FORTNA blog, we will review five quick, end-of-year ideas geared toward productivity gains in the warehouse.

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How a Goods-to-Person Solution Can Ease
Labour Challenges

by TJ Franco

With U.S. unemployment rates hovering between 3 and 4 percent and job openings at over 8.5 million, recruiting and hiring warehouse workers remains challenging. A goods-to-person solution can ease an operation's dependence on labor while optimizing processes, inventory management and order fulfillment.

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5 Reasons to Meet FORTNA at Parcel+Post Expo

by Jonathan Kruisselbrink

Explore new solutions, experience product demos and meet industry experts. Visit FORTNA at Parcel+Post Expo and learn how to transform intralogistics processes into efficient, more sustainable operations.

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Software to power performance through tomorrow's challenges

Intelligent software is essential to optimising supply chain operations for maximum efficiency, reliability and flexibility. We help you support real-time decision-making with dynamic data and intelligence.