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Material handling equipment modernisations and retrofits

Enhance the performance and extend the life of your existing DC assets with equipment and software upgrades. With our unique approach to solutions and equipment, FORTNA will design the right solution to stay in sync with changes in the business for long-term success.

Unparallelled operational performance demands change

Optimise your DC with the modernisation and upgrade experience FORTNA brings from decades of global experience across an array of industries. Whether or not FORTNA designed your facility, we can help you improve its performance and upgrade systems to adapt to changing requirements for speed, accuracy, flexibility and reliability.


Holistic, unique approach to software upgrades

With its agnostic approach to software, FORTNA can upgrade and implement WES and controls systems from any provider. We start with an understanding of your data, tech stack and the holistic business requirements to recommend changes that enable maximum flexibility. We map a plan that minimises disruption to the operations and perform integrated testing as part of the implementation to ensure a smooth transition to the new system — with no surprises.


Data science and operations experience for innovative, flexible technology retrofits

Over time, technology becomes obsolete and system performance deteriorates. Mechanical wear can decrease system function and reliability. Replacing parts is easy, but optimisation in a changing business environment can be complex.

Forged in our proprietary tools and algorithms, data science and deep operations experience empower FORTNA teams to identify the root causes of poor performance. We then design and implement innovative solutions to restore operations to fully optimised performance levels and extend the life of the DC. At FORTNA, software is an integral part of the total solution, so it is central to our design and implementation.

Accountability in a partner is critical.  FORTNA has the talent, the tools and the commitment to deliver on their promises.

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Video Case Study

FORTNA helped L.L.Bean extend the life of its DC, combine channels under a single roof and optimise operations for increased speed and productivity. Watch this video to learn more.

Client Success Case Study

Data-driven analysis leads to operational savings of $4M/year

A global food manufacturer needed to update their production and distribution facility to meet growing demand. The FORTNA Distribution Optimisation Framework™ was used to assess, design and retrofit the operation which leverages AGVs (automated guided vehicles) to automate receiving, putaway, full pallet picking and staging. The upgraded facility can fulfil more orders in less time, supports 24/7 processing, and reduces labour costs by 53% and operational costs by $4 million per year.

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