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Goods to Person Automation Technology for Increased Productivity

High-volume eCommerce fulfilment operations need high-density storage and retrieval systems for the best use of space and increased speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Advances in Goods-to-Person automation coupled with the streamlining of operational requirements have advanced micro-fulfillment capabilities.

Fortna works with top manufacturers of goods-to-person, tote- and carton-based, as well as mobile rack-based, automated storage and retrieval systems, to design flexible, scalable, and modular operations that meet your business requirements.

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    Improve eCommerce picking productivity with Goods-to-Person technologies. Use our assessment tool to calculate potential savings with automation.

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    Fortna helped Vistar leverage automation to increase efficiency, eliminate redundancy, increase capacity, and achieve the scale needed to deliver on service level goals by consolidating retail and eCom fulfilment into two new facilities.

    Read more about how this wholesaler’s new automated DC is raising the bar for candy and snack distribution at DC Velocity.

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    High Capacity. High Throughput. High Performance.

    Goods-to-person solutions are ideal for increasing operational performance without increasing your building footprint. Inventory accuracy and reduced shrinkage make these the ideal solution for high-value inventory. The optimised flow of material and just-in-time replenishment eliminates unnecessary inventory, reducing your total cost. Today’s solutions also work well in chilled or freezer environments and are ideal for a variety of industry segments and applications, such as eCommerce and omnichannel facilities and parts management.


    Agnostic Approach to Identify Best-Fit Technologies

    The Fortna Distribution Optimization Framework leans into your data and our proprietary processes, tools, and algorithms to design and deliver solutions using best-fit mobile solutions. We work with a deep bench of partners, but our agnostic approach allows for truly innovative and holistic design that leverages best-in-class technologies, without bias toward any manufacturer or supplier. We can help you select appropriate technologies and work collaboratively with the chosen supplier to optimize your solution for exemplary business results.

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    Powered by an Intelligent Warehouse Execution System

    FortnaWES™ intelligent software optimizes the design and allows you to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for compounded gains in efficiency and insights. This agnostic software platform makes it possible to integrate solutions from virtually any AS/RS equipment and swap out technologies without having to make expensive and time-consuming updates to your existing systems.


    Proof of Concept and Business Case Justification

    Complex projects sometimes require a proof of concept (POC) to validate functionality and justify the business case prior to investing significant capital expense for the broader solution. At Fortna, business case is at the heart of everything we do. We will help you develop the business case, align stakeholders, and obtain the Board-level support you need for your investments.

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