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Solutions: Packing and Shipping

Packing and shipping solutions for resilience and profitability

e-Commerce has drastically changed consumers’ expectations for the time it takes to pack and ship a product directly to the customer’s homes. Higher order volumes coupled with turnover-prone labour force facilities to use software technology, such as FORTNA OptiSlot DC™ and best-fit solutions designed to maximise system utilisation to meet the higher demand of order fulfilment. FORTNA can help efficiently organise, pick and sort products to minimise downtime and efficiently get products out of a facility.

Improve online fulfilment speed, capacity and inventory productivity

Packing and shipping are the final stages in the fulfillment process before a package is ready for delivery. These processes are critical in ensuring order accuracy, shipping time, and increasing overall customer satisfaction and will also:

  • Improve last mile cost, speed and reliability
  • Increase inventory turnover and productivity
  • Increase network capacity and balance peak volume

Seven benefits of ship from store fulfilment:

  • Increase capacity across the network
  • Inventory productivity
  • Last mile delivery speed and reliability
  • Transportation savings
  • Higher margins due to fewer markdowns
  • Handle excess volume during peak
  • Most of all, RESILIENCE

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The FORTNA difference drives packing and shipping success

It all starts with strategy

We take a holistic approach to distribution strategy, considering upstream/downstream impacts on an entire network of operations.

Design rooted in data science

Scientifically proven proprietary modelling tools and algorithms allow us to design for maximum efficiency and outcomes.


Best-fit solutions with unique technology selection

Our deep bench of experts selects appropriate and best-fit technologies that optimise your solution. The result is a comprehensive, flexible solution that delivers exemplary business results.

Packing and shipping insights and resources

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