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Warehouse automation solutions for complex distribution challenges

FORTNA is your trusted partner for transforming your distribution operation. We help organisations manage labour costs, optimise inventory management, and leverage a wide range of automation solutions. Using our unique data-driven approach, we can identify the best-fit distribution centre solutions to increase productivity, manage SKU proliferation and optimise warehouse processes.


Whether your business is challenged by e-Commerce fulfillment and returns, omnichannel commerce or the complexities of warehouse automation, our solutions improve performance today while ensuring flexibility and scalability for the future.

Data-driven solutions to accelerate performance

From advanced technologies like autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) and robotics to simple solutions with barcoding, sortation and conveyor solutions, FORTNA is data-driven and supported by engineering expertise, intelligent software and best-fit technologies. Our solutions help improve performance, enable growth, and ultimately drive profitability.

Decisions to make when implementing goods-to-person for e-Commerce

Learn about the different types of Goods-to-Person systems for e-Commerce fulfilment and the critical decisions you need to make when implementing and/or integrating these technologies.

Software to power performance through tomorrow's challenges

Intelligent software is essential to optimising supply chain operations for maximum efficiency, reliability and flexibility. We help you support real-time decision-making with dynamic data and intelligence.