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Fulfilment system technology and security upgrades minimise risk

Systems require updates to optimise performance with technology advancements, as well as feature and security enhancements. FORTNA seamlessly integrates and reduces risk associated with systems upgrades.

Seamless, integrated testing and training for a smooth transition

The key to a successful upgrade is to minimise disruption and risk to existing operations. FORTNA experts audit your system, make recommendations with a holistic view of your operations and perform the required changes for you.

Our rigorous testing and training ensure you have no surprises when the transition is complete. FORTNA evaluates all factors that can influence a successful process including system availability, new feature and functionality impacts, phasing approaches and impact to your existing systems.


Integrated security patches and upgrades

Cyber vigilance is paramount to protecting the business. Security patches and updates are tedious, but necessary.

Our team will help ensure that your systems are up to date with the latest security measures available and reduces risk with seamless integrated testing to be certain upgrades minimise impact to existing operations.


Holistic, agnostic approach to software upgrades

With its agnostic approach to software, FORTNA can upgrade and implement WES and controls systems from any provider.

We start with an understanding of your data, tech stack and the holistic business requirements to recommend changes that enable maximum flexibility. We map a plan that minimises disruption to the operations and perform integrated testing as part of the implementation to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

FORTNA's rigorous testing process gave us assurance.

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