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5 Reasons to Meet FORTNA
at Parcel+Post Expo

Explore new solutions, experience product demos and meet industry experts. Visit FORTNA at Parcel+Post Expo and learn how to transform intralogistics processes into efficient, more sustainable operations.

by Jonathan Kruisselbrink

One of the most important parcel trade shows will kick off at the RAI in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from 24-26 October 2023. Industry-leading organisations, parcel experts and supply chain leaders will converge to discuss industry trends, learn about new technologies and network with other industry leaders.

Attendees will be there to learn how automation and new technologies can help them keep pace with market dynamics, demands and disruptions. Solutions that can transform processes into efficient and more sustainable operations will be at the forefront of interest.

In this FORTNA blog, read the top 5 reasons to meet FORTNA while at Parcel+Post Expo 2023 and how to schedule time with a FORTNA expert.

1. One partner for your network automation

Driven by technological advancements and changing customer demands, the parcel market is continually evolving. A deep understanding of industry challenges and obstacles is key to providing solutions that align with operational requirements and consumer trends, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and retention. From analysis to design and implementation, FORTNA partners with parcel companies to identify and provide the best-fit solutions for each specific sorting site in the network, from central hub to last mile depot.

2. Portfolio and solutions offering

Providing solutions that can significantly impact processes and operations is crucial to business profitability and the efficiency of the investment. From material handling equipment, robotics and vision technology to software, FORTNA offers proven solutions including but not limited to cross belt, shoe sorter and switch sorter technology for the multiple needs of the industry. Whether handling regular parcels, smalls or irregular items, FORTNA has the expertise in system design that allows an operation to streamline operations and optimise the handling of fluctuating volumes during peak periods.

3. The FORTNA Last Mile Solution Centre

After introducing automation in central hubs, companies are now automating their last mile depots to gain greater efficiency throughout their entire network. The FORTNA Last Mile Solution Centre is fully focused on helping companies automate and optimise this unique stage of their network, improving their bidirectional processes, speeding delivery and reducing costs. Schedule a meeting with the Last Mile Solution Centre Team to learn how modularity and standardisation in last mile automation can meet an operation’s need for scalability, flexibility and simplified maintenance.

4. Partner for lifecycle performance services

Need a partner that can take you from idea to design implementation and lifecycle services? Efficient and consistent lifecycle services can significantly impact an automated sorting centre’s lifespan and return on investment (ROI). Periodic reviews and system health check services ensure your automated solution runs at its full potential. Whether it is performance improvement, retrofits and modernisation or spare parts, FORTNA assists in extending the life of your facility and keeping your operations running at peak performance.

5. Third-party logistics (3PL) automation

Third-party logistics (3PL) is a growing logistics and supply chain management service. While different compared to CEP or e-Commerce, 3PL companies also need flexible solutions and proven technology to improve efficiency in their inbound and outbound operations and sortation processes. At the same time, a robust technology infrastructure is essential for managing inventory, tracking shipments, and providing real-time visibility into the supply chain. FORTNA has a long track record of finding the best-fit solution for omnichannel and order fulfillment needs.


We look forward to seeing you at Parcel+Post Expo. Be sure to schedule time today to meet with one of our FORTNA parcel experts at the show. Whether it is an ongoing or new project, questions on automation, new technologies or an idea you want to discuss, click the link below to secure your meeting time.

FORTNA will be displaying at Parcel+Post Expo in Hall 10 – Booth 10.218.

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Director, Sales EMEA

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