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Last Mile Solution Center


FORTNA Announces Last Mile Solution Centre

Dedicated to the development and design of solutions to optimise last mile operations

ATLANTA (5 Sept. 2023) – FORTNA, a leading automation and software company for the full logistics value chain, has announced the development of the FORTNA Last Mile Solution Centre. By leveraging a team of industry experts, the Last Mile Solution Centre will support parcel and distribution businesses in automating last mile operations to improve processes, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Backed by over 15 years of experience in last mile automation and an installed base of more than 450 automated systems, the FORTNA Last Mile Solution Centre is committed to maximising last mile networks and operations with proven modular and bi-directional conveyors and sorters. The FORTNA Last Mile Solution Centre introduces modularity and standardisation of last mile automation to help organisations meet an operation’s needs for scalability, flexibility and simplified maintenance.

Additional benefits include a portfolio of solutions designed to fit any site-specific requirements in the network, future-proof operations and provide built-in ability to keep pace with business growth.

Downstream optimisation is crucial to increasing throughput and driving cost reduction in a system. A recent statistic from the United Nations estimates that by 2030, the population living in big cities will increase by 55%, making last mile delivery critical for logistic companies. Last mile logistic centres are becoming even more crucial to the effectiveness of the entire distribution network. By optimising downstream capabilities, companies can improve overall efficiency by reducing cycle times, optimising delivery processes and tracking and visibility of parcels by using intelligent parcel data. This ensures a fast and reliable delivery experience for end consumers.

“FORTNA is an experienced partner to our customers with a comprehensive solution portfolio and deep knowledge and understanding of their needs,” says Antonio Amadasi, FORTNA Vice President, Last Mile Solution Centre. The Last Mile Solution Centre brings additional value to our mission and further helps to optimise downstream operations and reach positive business outcomes. The team will also address any further and dedicated product improvement in order to perfectly fulfill our customers’ needs.”

The FORTNA Last Mile Solution Center will partner with parcel and distribution companies globally by offering complete network solutions, including operational design and implementation, material handling automated equipment, robotics and a comprehensive suite of lifecycle services.

FORTNA partners with the world’s leading brands to transform omnichannel and parcel distribution operations. Known world-wide for enabling companies to keep pace with digital disruption and growth objectives, we design and deliver solutions, powered by intelligent software, to optimise fast, accurate and cost-effective order fulfilment and last mile delivery. Our people, innovative approach and proprietary algorithms and tools ensure optimal operations design and material and information flow. We deliver exceptional value every day to our customers with comprehensive services and products including network strategy, distribution centre operational design and implementation, material handling automated equipment, robotics and a comprehensive suite of lifecycle services. Visit

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