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Today’s business landscape requires supply chain leaders to stay on top of growing trends and ever-changing technology advancements to take advantage of opportunities. FORTNA wants to help place that information at your fingertips with complimentary access to research by Gartner.

Gartner® Research: Avoid These Pitfalls in Large-Scale Warehouse Automations1

According to Gartner, “Large-scale warehouse automation is a complex process in which many factors and variables must be properly accommodated to get it right. Logistics leaders can use this research to avoid pitfalls and overcome missteps typical of warehouse automation projects.”


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[1] Gartner: <em>Avoid These Pitfalls in Large-Scale Warehouse Automations</em>, Abdil Tunca, Dwight Klappich, Rishabh Narang, Published 28 February 2024

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