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Today’s business landscape requires supply chain leaders to stay on top of growing trends and ever-changing technology advancements to take advantage of opportunities. FORTNA wants to help place that information at your fingertips with complimentary access to research by Gartner.

Gartner® Research: Hierarchy of supply chain metrics: Focus on key metrics to improve operational trade-off decisions1

According to Gartner, “Supply chain complexity and the sheer number of metrics available are leading to confusion of using metrics, resulting in poor business decisions. Supply chain leaders can use Gartner’s Hierarchy of Supply Chain Metrics to define, align and assess metrics, leading to faster, smarter decisions.”


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[1] Gartner Research<em>: Drive Inventory Improvement Using All 3 Supply Chain Performance Lenses, Paul Lord, Refreshed 12 January 2023, Published 8 July 2021
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