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Reliable high-capacity sortation

The FORTNA HC Sorter is a versatile sorting solution that provides advanced design, high capacity and a low noise level. It excels at sorting products of varying sizes and weights efficiently. This shoe sorter is suitable for a wide range of sorting requirements, including shipping and distribution, warehouse routing and cross-docking. With its linear setup, it can be employed to handle medium to high throughput demands.

The HC Sorter can meet various sorting requirements as it is an integral component of a comprehensive material handling solution that encompasses all operational aspects, including loading and unloading, induction, merging, item detection and chutes. Our parcel sorting solutions integrate seamlessly with automation technologies such as robotics and conveyor systems. This integration optimises your sorting process, reducing labour costs and enhancing overall efficiency.

Address the needs of the e-Commerce industry and the fast-paced logistics sector

In a competitive market, efficiency and accuracy are non-negotiable. FORTNA’s parcel sorting solutions empower you to stay ahead of the curve, meet growing demand and exceed customer expectations.

There are several benefits associated with the use of the HC Sorter within various industries:

  • Reliable and gentle product sorting for accurate operations and high-quality service
  • High-speed throughput for improved capacity
  • Handling of a wide range of parcel sizes for optimised workflow
  • Extreme flexibility in placement of divert locations for flexible design and configuration
  • Fast and easy maintenance to maximise availability
  • Safe and ergonomic for operators’ well-being
  • Minimal noise for a pleasant work environment

Increase efficiency with high-capacity system for small parcels

Efficient small parcel sortation is essential for meeting customer expectations and managing the demands of e-Commerce and logistics. With the volume of small packages dramatically rising, embracing automation is non-negotiable. The FORTNA HC Small Sorter is a linear system capable of sorting even the smallest and lightest parcels in the most difficult environments. The system stands out for its high density of exits, high capacity, low noise level and highly robust design.

HC Sorter solution in action

DPD, a leading parcel courier, partnered with FORTNA to improve their sortation capacity in Slovakia. The sorting centre has 12 doors for unloading parcels out of which 10 doors are connected to automated technology, 28 doors for loading sorted parcels and 106 couriers’ doors. The sorter is able to handle a wide variety of parcels like cardboard boxes, tires and totes.

“The sorting solution optimised our operations. We were looking for the technology solution which will support our future volume growth. That means higher parcel sorting capacity per hour, faster parcel handling time and higher productivity of warehouse staff. We also wanted to offer our customers better flexibility in terms unloading time windows and later pickup times.” Milan Jurík – Operation Director DPD

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