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Distribution Strategy: Parcel

Brian Finken, Senior Vice President Operations at FORTNA, speaks with Parcel and Postal Technology International and explains how increased automation and robotics are transforming the delivery sector.

Parcel and Postal Technology International begins the conversation with Brian Finken with the following questions:


What are you working on?

Our investment in technology development aims to ensure improvement in processes. We are working on our broad portfolio of sortation solutions to extend the range of capacity and items that can be handled, with a specific focus not only on the central hub but also on the last-mile depot – a focal point for improvement for our customers.

Robotics is the other key enabler for challenges such as labour availability, safety and flexibility in operations, whether in parcel or distribution and fulfilment centres. We serve several leading customers, helping them to futureproof their supply chain network and reduce operational costs. We are very familiar with induction onto sorting systems. We have our proven robotics solutions and partner with other experts in the market to apply robotics beyond core sortation.


What makes the difference for your customers today?

Our customers need a solid and reliable partner that can provide the best-fit solution for each unique operation, execute projects well and ensure on-time delivery. Without quality and reliability, companies cannot guarantee delivery times and quality service.  On top of that, ROI is another crucial point of attention. Companies want to maximise their investment returns, and meeting companies’ financial demands leads to offering the best cycle time and competitive price. The third differentiator is a strong aftermarket services network that can guarantee product uptime.

Our investment in technology allows us to continue to work on our broad portfolio of sortation solutions with a specific focus on the central hub AND the last mile depot - a focal point for improvement for our customers.

Brian Finken

Senior Vice President Operations


FORTNA helps transform parcel distribution and omnichannel operations to enable operational efficiency and growth objectives. We are focused on delivering value to our customers with comprehensive services and products including network strategy, distribution center design and implementation, automated material handling equipment, robotics and a comprehensive suite of lifecycle services.