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Shift to eCom Requires Efficient Returns Processing Solutions

Companies have an increasingly large return problem. Since eCommerce purchases are returned at a much higher rate than in-store purchases, as eCommerce grows, so will the average rate of returns. How you address this challenge impacts profitability. It’s time to think about handling returns with the same level of efficiency as your fulfillment operation.

Rapid deployment of returned merchandise to sellable inventory is essential. Returns can be a strategic differentiator and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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    Process Returns with Speed, Accuracy, and Efficiency

      Rapidly Redeploy Returned Merchandise to Salable Inventory

      Returns represent a significant opportunity to increase sales, reduce inventory, and working capital. Reclaim space in the DC currently occupied by the growing number of returns.

        Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

        Today’s consumers consider returns policies before making a purchase. Your returns policy can be a differentiator. Respond to customers’ expectations for fast and easy returns.

          Free Up Labour for Revenue-Generating Activity

          Optimise returns processing for profitability with automation and intelligent software. New solutions are available to simplify the returns process and minimize reverse logistics cycle time.

          73% of returns occur due to a retailer controllable action.

          2021 State of the Industry Report

          Case Study: Returns as a Competitive Advantage

          For some companies, returns are a critical element of their brand promise. L.L.Bean considers reverse logistics to be a core competency – and an integral part of its brand marketing. The company’s returns handling operations rivals the efficiency of its distribution centres. Rather than allow returns to sit neglected in a corner of the warehouse until they start to impede the business, L.L.Bean has a process for quickly and efficiently returning merchandise to inventory to be re-sold and leveraging their returns policy as a competitive advantage.

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          Returns Processing Insights & Resources

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          8 Steps to Optimise Returns

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          The Fortna Difference Drives Profitable Returns Processing


          It All Starts with Strategy

          We take a holistic approach to distribution strategy, considering upstream/downstream impacts on an entire network of operations.

          data-driven-design-microfulfillment data-analysis-microfulfillment

          Design Rooted in Data Science

          Scientifically proven proprietary modelling tools and algorithms allow us to design for maximum efficiency and outcomes.


          Best-Fit Solutions with Agnostic Technology Selection

          We are not tied to any one manufacturer. Our wide range of partners allows us to identify and select appropriate and best-fit technologies that optimise your solution. The result is a comprehensive, flexible solution that delivers exemplary business results.

            Case Study: Returns Place Constant Pressure on Auto Parts Aftermarket

            The auto parts aftermarket, which has one of the highest rates of product returns of any industry. One automotive aftermarket distributor handles returns more efficiently in the following ways:

            • Systems enable visibility into what is coming into the DC for disposition, enabling the returns team to plan for and manage returns better.
            • Rules for disposition of product are clearly defined and metrics are put in place to support return-to-stock goals.
            • Returns team is trained and staffed as part of operation, including a management team dedicated to carefully managing this critical area of the business.

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            Can Goods-to-Person Solve Your Labor Challenges?

            Improve eCommerce picking productivity with Goods-to-Person technologies. Use our assessment tool to calculate potential savings with automation.

            Access Your Potential Savings

            In Fortna, we found a partner that took accountability for the successful implementation of the entire project.

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            Canadian Tire