MODEX 2024 March 11-14 Atlanta, GA | FORTNA

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MODEX 2024

11-14 March | Atlanta

Missed FORTNA at MODEX? Contact us to discuss distribution solutions that transform your operations.

Warehouse and distribution solutions powered by automation, software and robotics

FORTNA leverages Automation, Software and Robotics to enable companies to outpace the demands of tomorrow. We are an end-to-end design-build firm, designing and delivering data-driven solutions to ensure process improvements, growth and, ultimately, profitability.


Start your journey to cutting-edge distribution at MODEX

When supply chain disruption is the norm and customer demands are multiplying by the minute, you need a partner to deliver cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking to predict your needs before they become issues. Contact FORTNA to start your journey.


Partner with FORTNA to leverage rich expertise and industry knowledge to solve your supply chain challenges

  • Labour availability and rising costs
  • SKU proliferation
  • The ability to scale operations up and down
  • Complex supply chains and operations
  • Meeting growing customer demands and delivery expectations
  • Automation and processes to increase order-to-delivery cycle times
  • Reclaim or create capacity in current facility
  • Seamless return management process
  • Inventory management to anticipate and meet seasonal and promotional demand

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Learn more about solutions for small, midsize and complex footprints


Small-footprint solutions

As a global AutoStore system integrator, FORTNA partners with organisations to maximise their available footprint with a goods-to-person (GTP), high-density storage solution that provides best-in-class space utilisation and picking productivity.

Learn how this partnership can maximise performance and capacity and provide real-time inventory control with minimal labour for any size operation.


Robotic solutions

FORTNA, renowned for its deep domain knowledge and experience in supply chain optimisation, is collaborating with Geek+, a company known for pioneering innovative robotic systems in warehouse automation, to create customised solutions tailored to the unique needs of its customers.

Learn how this partnership can empower your organisation to streamline operations, reduce costs and enhance efficiency in order fulfillment.


Optimise Your Distribution Operation at MODEX and LogiMAT

Labour scarcity, SKU proliferation, capacity and how to get the most out of your current facility are all topics that will be top-of-mind as the supply chain logistics industry gathers this March at MODEX in Atlanta, Georgia, and LogiMAT in Stuttgart, Germany. FORTNA will exhibit at both shows, highlighting end-to-end warehouse and distribution solutions powered by automation, software and robotics.

In this FORTNA blog, we will reveal what to expect when you visit the FORTNA booth at both shows.

Live Event

Meet us at LogiMAT 2024 | Booth #1G05 | March 19-21 | Stuttgart